May, 2016

An urgent opportunity to reduce alcohol harm in Ireland

A letter to the editor from the Alcohol Health Alliance on the new Government and the Public Health (Alcohol) Bill: Dear Editor, We welcome the Government commitment to enacting the Public Health (Alcohol) Bill in the Programme for Partnership Government and fully support its prompt… Full Story»

April, 2016

We need to protect young people from drink culture

A CHILD’S birthday party that spiralled out of control due to the actions of a number of drunk teenagers made for quite a cautionary tale in a recent edition of the Dublin People. We should be striving to give children every opportunity we can, including… Full Story»

February, 2016

Alcohol is a factor in one third of deaths on Irish roads

Even in small amounts, alcohol impairs driving ability and any amount of alcohol increases the risk of involvement in a road traffic collision. Comprehensive international research shows that beginning at very low levels of alcohol consumption, this risk becomes greater as blood alcohol concentration (BAC)… Full Story»

February, 2016

Public Health (Alcohol) Bill: Price-based promotions

Price-based promotions are used extensively in Ireland to attract customers, with young people particularly price-sensitive and often targeted by these promotions. These can range from promotions such as reduced drinks prices on certain nights for students or those targeted at other groups, as well as… Full Story»