About us

Alcohol Action Ireland was established in 2003 and is the national independent advocate for reducing alcohol harm. We campaign for the burden of alcohol harm to be lifted from the individual, community and State, and have a strong track record in campaigning, advocacy, research and information provision.


Our work involves providing information on alcohol-related issues, creating awareness of alcohol-related harm and offering policy solutions with the potential to reduce that harm, with a particular emphasis on the implementation of the Public Health (Alcohol) Act.

Alcohol Action Ireland adheres to the World Health Organisation (WHO) guidance that “the alcohol industry has no role in the formulation of alcohol policies, which must be protected from distortion by commercial or vested interests”, and Health Service Executive (HSE) guidance that “there is an inherent conflict associated with the alcohol industry playing a role in providing public health advice”.


We therefore do not work with the alcohol industry or its funded groups. We support the I-Mark initiative which seeks to engage the charity, community and voluntary sectors in a conversation about why independence from alcohol industry influence matters.

What our patron says:

“Harm from alcohol has an enormous impact on Irish society. It has blighted the lives of multiple individuals and families leading to significant difficulties with emotions and relationships, physical and mental health. It puts considerable strain on our health, social care and justice systems with considerable resources needing to be deployed to address the harm.

“Alcohol Action Ireland has been leading policy change in this area since 2003. The organisation has brought expertise, drive and commitment to its advocacy work which has already led to considerable success in achieving legislative change around alcohol control.

“I am now very pleased to become Alcohol Action Ireland Patron and I look forward to contributing to their strategic vision of an Ireland free from alcohol harm.

Professor Geoffrey Shannon
AAI Patron

Professor Geoffrey Shannon

Legal structure of Alcohol Action Ireland

Alcohol Action Ireland is a Company Limited by Guarantee. Company Number 378738.

It is also a registered charity – Charity Registration Number 20052713.

Charities governance code

Alcohol Action Ireland is fully compliant with the Charities Governance Code.

Donors charter

We comply with the Charities Regulator Guidelines on Fundraising. For more information see our Donor’s Charter.


We have a procedure in relation to any possible complaints. If you would like to make a complaint, please refer to our complaints procedure.

AAI was formed as a key recommendation of the 2002 Strategic Task Force on Alcohol in response to historically high levels of alcohol consumption. READ MORE

On a stage where other actors are duplicitous and dubious, we view our voice as authoritative, authentic and, crucially, independent. READ MORE

We focus on the implementation of evidence-based public health policies that will deliver the widest benefits to the greatest number of people. READ MORE

The constitution of Alcohol Action Ireland sets out our main objects. Our objectives are informed by the World Health Organisation. READ MORE

Alcohol Action Ireland is currently funded through a mix of state and non-state funding, including charitable foundations and individual donations.  READ MORE

Alcohol Action Ireland has a small team of three, and a Board comprising not more than 12 members who provide oversight to its activities. READ MORE

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