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Pity the pub on its last kegs, but not the off-licence selling drink to kids

During the Rose of Tralee selection last Tuesday night, Dáithí O Sé mentioned "dry counties" to the Texas Rose. It was the first time I had heard the term being used for a long time, but I do remember the first time I heard of a "dry county". It was my first night at university in Texas. I asked how to get to the nearest pub. With some amusement, I was given directions to Oklahoma. They told me that Denton... Full Story

Garda probe after TV crew films underage drink sales

Gardaí are expected to carry out an investigation into four off-licences and two supermarket chains after a television programme captured them delivering alcohol to underage drinkers at their homes. Last Thursday's Prime Time on RTÉ showed that none of the businesses - all located in Swords, north Dublin - asked for identification from the purchasers at delivery. The people working for the off-licences took cash on delivery, while the supermarkets, Tesco and Superquinn, took payment via debit card online at... Full Story

Cross-border shopper numbers fall by a quarter

Northern shopping centres are reporting a drop of up to 25 per cent in the number of people crossing the border to shop. This follows a survey, released last week, which suggested that up to 35 per cent of those who would categorise themselves as ’’cross-border shoppers'' had not gone to the North for goods so far this year. At the height of cross-border fever in mid-2009, an estimated 250,000 householders were travelling across the border to buy cheaper goods.... Full Story

Irish at odds with views on drink-driving dangers

More Irish people regard drink-driving as a minor road safety issue than citizens in every other EU member state, a new study has found. The Eurobarometer survey of over 25,000 people from across the EU shows that 8 in 10 respondents in all member states, except Ireland, believe drink-driving is a major road safety problem in their country. Just 62 per cent of Irish respondents said they saw it as a major threat to road safety, while 31 per cent... Full Story

Underage drinkers exploit online sales

The Government has admitted it is effectively powerless to stop off-licences selling alcohol to underage drinkers on a cash-on-delivery basis. Last night's Primetime programme on RTÉ showed a number of off-licences in Swords in north Dublin to be illegally accepting payment at the door of private dwellings from underage drinkers who had phoned in the order. Two supermarkets - Superquinn and Tesco - were also shown in the programme to have made deliveries to underage drinkers after the orders had... Full Story

Off-licences warned on home sales

Off-licences across the country have been warned more than once that accepting cash payments for delivering alcohol to the homes of customers was an illegal practice, the industry's representative body said today. Jim McCabe, of The National Off-Licence Association, said the body sought legal advice on the matter when delivery services first came to their attention in 2006 and was told the practice was illegal as the sale took place outside the licenced premises. He said this information was passed... Full Story

Alcohol link to most arrests of teenagers

Teenagers came to the attention of gardaí for public drunkenness far more often than any other crime type last year, according to the annual report of the committee monitoring the Garda diversion programme. However, a significant number of children were arrested for very serious offences including gangland crimes such as drug dealing and gun possession, and even for rape. The programme deals with young people aged 10-17 years who commit crime. It aims to encourage them to admit their wrongdoing... Full Story

Drink drivers ‘feel sober’

Drink drivers get behind the wheel because they feel more sober than they actually are, a new study claims. Drivers who have had a drink hours previously may feel sober enough to drive, but the brain functions that aid safe driving take much longer to recover. Researchers asked subjects to raise their blood alcohol content to 0.10 per cent, at which point a driver is 52 times more likely to have an accident. They were quizzed on how drunk they... Full Story

Call for minimum alcohol pricing

Minimum pricing for alcohol in clubs and supermarkets should be introduced as soon as possible, Alex Attwood has said. Buy one get one free, women drinking for nothing and all-you-can-swallow offers could be curbed under fresh proposals from the Social Development Minister. Two Belfast bars are running "all you can drink" promotions. Health campaigners have expressed concern that patrons will consume too much alcohol and endanger their health or leave them vulnerable to physical and sexual harm. Mr Attwood said:... Full Story

Drink drivers in collisions to escape forced breath testing

Drink drivers involved in collisions will escape mandatory breath testing after legal problems were identified in the new legislation, the Irish Independent has learned. The new law, which obliges gardai to breath test drivers involved in fatal or serious collisions at the scene, was expected to come into effect by the autumn. However, Attorney General Paul Gallagher has told Transport Minister Noel Dempsey that the new provision should be delayed until the drink-driving limit is lowered in September 2011. The... Full Story

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Submission to TRIS Notification 2018/22/IRL

This is Alcohol Action Ireland's submission to the EU Commission's TRIS notification process: 2018/22/IRL, commenced to examine aspects of the Public Health (Alcohol) Bill, 2015.

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PreBudget Submission 2018

Pre Budget submission to the Department of Finance August 2018

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Ireland Thinks Poll - Attitudes To Alcohol

Ireland Thinks poll, commissioned by Alcohol Health Alliance, conducted June 12th to June 16th 2017.

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