Alcohol Awareness Week runs from March 31 to April 4, 2014.

Alcohol Awareness Week aims to get people thinking and talking about alcohol and how it affects us as individuals, families, communities and a society.

By encouraging people to examine alcohol-related issues and how they impact on all of us, we hope that it will stimulate conversation and debate and help to bring about a positive change to our harmful relationship with alcohol in Ireland.

This year’s theme is “Alcohol’s Harm to Others: When Their Drinking Becomes Your Problem!” specifically highlighting the following KEY areas:

  • Family problems
  • Assaults, Crime & Anti-social behaviour
  • Passengers travelling with a driver under the influence of alcohol
  • Workplace accidents and loss of productivity

It will also emphasise the importance of the Public Health (Alcohol) Bill, due to its potential to reduce these negative effects through its broad range of evidence-based policy measures.

  Who can take part in Alcohol Awareness Week?

This is an excellent opportunity for all individuals and many different organisations, from local to national level, to contribute to raising awareness and increasing understanding of this very important issue for Irish society. Local Authorities, Charities, Community & Voluntary groups, Treatment Service Providers, Schools, Colleges, Universities and businesses etc. are all warmly welcomed to participate.

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What’s happening during Alcohol Awareness Week?

It is up to individual organisations to decide what activity suits them best within the broad theme of Alcohol Awareness Week. There will be a number of national events taking place, but contributions can also be very simple and determined by your own priorities and resources, such as what links with your own work, or will have an impact in your local community or workplace. To facilitate wider engagement in communities, activities are encouraged right throughout the full month of April. Every event registered will be listed in an Alcohol Awareness Week calendar available on participating websites.

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How do I get involved?

Click here to register your event for Alcohol Awareness Week. Download the registration form, insert your details and forward to

For further information or assistance please contact 0749125596, email or see

Who is organising Alcohol Awareness Week?

Alcohol Awareness Week is being co-ordinated by a stakeholder group of organisations concerned about and working to reduce alcohol-related harm in Ireland. Alcohol Forum is acting as lead agency for 2014. Alcohol Action Ireland,, Greater Blanchardstown Response to Drugs, the Health Service Executive (HSE) and the Royal College of Physicians of Ireland, support Alcohol Awareness Week 2014.

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