A black day for Russia booze profits but not too bad for its alcoholics

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IT was a bad day yesterday for both Heineken and Carlsberg – as both of the drinks companies posted declines in profits.

From Independent.ie

Heineken blamed poor weather and weak consumer sentiment in Europe and the US, while Carlsberg also blamed climatic conditions for its woes.

Interestingly, its sales have also been hit by attempts by the Russian government to curb alcoholism.

It appears the sprawling state has introduced efforts to battle the country’s drink problem, which have included a ban on sales in kiosks and on late-night sales, as well as marketing restrictions.

Marketing restrictions? Drink problems? It all sounds quite familiar.

For a country so in love with the Pint such as Ireland, The Punt wonders if it is time for the Government here to adopt similar measures?

Banning alcohol advertising at big sporting events is already being considered.

But the big question is what effect such a move would have on the trade here if implemented?

Yesterday’s results suggest it wouldn’t be too positive.