‘A few drinks’ too many for drivers

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Motorists are falling into the trap of thinking it is all right to drive after “just a few'” alcoholic drinks, according to an AA/Populus survey.

From the Belfast Telegraph

Drivers in Northern Ireland and Wales are most likely to reckon they can handle the effects of a few drinks.

As many as 11% of Welsh drivers polled said that where they lived it was quite normal to have a few drinks and then drive home.

Of the 19,859 adults surveyed, 7% thought it was all right to drive after just a few drinks, with 2% admitting they sometimes drove when they were over the limit.

Londoners were the most likely to admit occasional drink-driving, with drivers in Scotland, north east England, north west England and Wales least likely.

A total of 5% of over-65s reckoned better drivers were less affected by alcohol – the highest percentage for any age group.

The survey co-incides with the announcement that AA DriveTech will provide drink-driving rehabilitation courses through its partner London Probation Trust.

AA DriveTech director Andy Wheeler said: “Thinking that ‘just a few’ drinks before driving is OK is dangerous as this could put drivers over the legal limit and stop them being able to drive safely.

“Apart from risking their own safety and the safety of others, they are running the risk of driving bans, hefty fines and possibly a spell in prison.

“The only way to ensure you are under the drink-drive limit is to adopt a zero tolerance approach and not drink anything alcoholic if you are driving.”