ABC Online (Australia) – Concern over alcohol related violence

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There is concern over alcohol-related crime in the New South Wales south east, with assault and under-age drinking at alarming high levels.

The Salvation Army launched its alcohol awareness campaign this week, including the release of new research which shows that the misuse of alcohol is still a major problem in Australia.

The church says street crime and violence in the Bega Valley are a concern, and with the end of the football season, it has urged clubs to introduce more stringent alcohol policies.

The organisation’s Recovery Services Specialist, Gerard Byrne, says underage drinking is also a problem in the region.

“There’s been an issue in relation to underage drinking, in particular the secondary supply issue,” he said.

“And I think that’s something that parents, particularly in the Bega Valley Shire, need to be taking a little bit more notice of what’s happening with their teenagers.”


Source: ABC Online (Australia), 15/09/2010