advocating to reduce alcohol harm

Vision, Mission & Values

Our vision is of a society where alcohol-related harm is recognised, challenged and minimised.

We work to achieve this vision by making it our mission to:

  • inform and educate the public about alcohol harm;
  • to advocate for the burden of alcohol related harm to be lifted from society;
  • to protect the young and the vulnerable from alcohol-related harm, and
  • to campaign for evidence-based public health policy measures to reduce alcohol harm and coherent implementation of the Public Health (Alcohol) Act


We do this by:
  • Influencing public policy and identifying gaps in policy around alcohol harm
  • Campaigning for measures which will minimise alcohol related harm; prioritising the areas where the evidence is strongest
  • Providing access to accurate and expert guidance for media, public representatives, stakeholders and the general public
  • Working in partnership in Ireland, the UK and the EU to develop and promote best practice in prevention of alcohol harm
  • Gathering evidence and commissioning research to inform policy development
  • Working towards an all-island approach to alcohol related harm
  • Providing a counterpoint to social aspect organisations funded by the alcohol industry
  • Monitoring the advertising of alcohol and examining the efficacy of industry self-regulation
  • To offer a wide ‘rallying’ call to others, both in terms of target audience (public, political, decision-makers) and potential allies and partners to become aware of and less tolerant of alcohol harm


Our Values:
  • Providing a positive and collective message avoiding any interpretation of blame, guilt or pressure on an individual
  • Using evidence -based arguments
  • Prioritising the public good
  • Integrity, honesty and transparency
  • Being a trusted source of information
  • Having a commitment to long-term public health objectives
  • Partnership working