Alcohol Action Ireland calls for concerted effort from all stakeholders to ensure alcohol does not hinder Irish holidaymakers safe travel

Last summer (2018) witnessed a variety of incidences for holidaymakers where excessive alcohol was central – some involving significant operational cost and disruption while others, regrettably, had more tragic outcomes.

These incidences must be, and can be, avoided if all parties involved – the airport authorities, the airlines, destination marketers and passengers – understand the consequences of excess alcohol and act on their responsibility to ensure a low-risk approach to the consumption of alcohol will deliver comfortable and safer travel for all.

Speaking today (13 Feb) at an International Summit: ‘Rethinking Your Trip’ in Palma, Mallorca, organised by the Government of the Balearic Islands, Eunan McKinney, Head of Communications & Advocacy, Alcohol Action Ireland, said:

“All stakeholders but in particular the airport authorities, low-cost airlines and destination marketers must act in a coherent and responsible manner, mindful of the inherent risk associated with alcohol in travel. 

For too long we have witnessed key stakeholders wring their hands while episode after episode, some ending in great tragedy, have impacted Ireland’s holidaymakers. Each have within their own capacity powers to act decisively to minimise and reduce the recurrence this summer of such utterly avoidable incident and unnecessary risk.” 


Editor’s Note

It is estimated that 1 in every 1000 flights is disrupted by unruly passengers, and that alcohol is a contributing factor in almost one third of such incidences.