Alcohol Action make submission to the EU Commission’s review of the Public Health (Alcohol) Bill

Alcohol Action Ireland has formally submitted its consideration on amended aspects of Ireland’s Public Health (Alcohol) Bill, currently being considered by the EU Commission as part of a TRIS notification process.

The Public Health (Alcohol) Bill had been re-notified to the Commission earlier this year, having been amended, and passed, by Seanad Eireann in December 2017. Three additional specifications to labelling, advertising and broadcast watershed were presented. Having received some Comment and Detailed Opinions from Member States in the first period of the process, a ‘standstill’ period, which delays enactment, is in place until 20th July, 2018.

Alcohol Action Ireland has been working closely with its partners in aligned organisations across the European Union, through its alliance both in Eurocare – European Alcohol Policy Alliance, and EPHA – European Public Health Alliance, to ensure this specific Member State public health initiative and its required outcomes, are better understood within the ongoing process.