Alcohol and automotive industries create the most engagement on Facebook

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An infographic on different industries on Facebook and how much of their impact occurs on their Fan pages.
Social media networking platforms like Facebook are an important destination to reach new customers for practically any industry. In recent report released by Socialbakers, an analysis looked at pages with more than 10,000 Fans for the third quarter with Alcohol and Automotive related companies as the leaders for engagement on the site.

The amount of content generated daily on the largest social network has allowed each industry to tailor, package and tailor posts in a way that best reaches its clients. In the report, nine industries were closely examined from most to the least engaging. The following industries accounted for were: Alcohol, Automotive, FMCG, Finance, Electronics, Telco, Fashion and Retail.

To determine the success of a page on Facebook it depends on a large number of factors, but overall the quality in content is usually the best place to start. Inside Mark Zuckerberg ’s social site there is an algorithm called EdgeRank, developed by Facebook and determines what stories appear in each user ’s newsfeed, which looks at an essential Factor known as Affinity.

 “The Affinity score is based on all the interactions a user can initiate, which is why it ´s so important to reach a high Engagement Rate, a metric based on the three most important interactions on Facebook: Likes, Comments, and Shares, ” according to Socialbakers.

Below is a list of the industries and their Average Post Engagement Rate:

  1. Alcohol 0.40 percent
  2. Automotive 0.39 percent
  3. FMCG 0.27 percent
  4. Airlines 0.26 percent
  5. Finance 0.19 percent
  6. Electronics 0.19 percent
  7. Telco 0.18 percent
  8. Fashion 0.15 percent
  9. Retail 0.14 percent

The more organic the posts are for the page and refrain from a hard sales pitch the better off you are. People ’s interactions will be higher and extremely much more visible on a page if there is less of a focus on forcing people to adopt the product or service. You are more likely to attract more eyeballs to your company ’s page if you create a unique dialogue with the information you put together on your social media space.

How did Automotive and Alcohol come out with a higher average engagement rate? In the blog post for the Social Media Analytics and Digital Company (Socialbakers) the excerpt pasted below can illustrate how the top two on the list increased their presence online:

 “Both industries have the advantage of promoting their products with strong visuals, stories, and emotions without pushing a sale ’s pitch. Both cars and alcohol are often associated with the different kinds of lifestyles that fans are proud to identify with since they can easily express their personality and individuality to their friends on Facebook. ”