Alcohol charity welcomes new ‘life saver’ drink-driving legislation

Alcohol Action Ireland, the national charity for alcohol related issues, today welcomes the introduction of new life saving drink driving legislation which allows for the mandatory alcohol testing of drivers in injury-related road accidents.

The new measures, which form the basis of the Road Traffic Act 2011 and come into force from today, require Gardai to conduct mandatory breath tests of drivers at the scene of road collisions where someone has been injured.

Alcohol Action Ireland Director Fiona Ryan said: “This new legislation will save lives and reduce injuries on our roads. We already know Random Breath Testing saves lives. In 2006, the Government introduced Random Breath Testing and the number of deaths on our roads has been falling in each succeeding year.

“This new legislation is another crucial step in diminishing the deadly menace of drink driving.

“Before its introduction today, nine out of ten surviving drivers in fatal crashes were not tested for alcohol.

“Mandatory alcohol testing, along with the introduction of the lower drink drive limits later this year, will ensure greater safety for all of us using the roads.”


For further information or comment contact:
Alcohol Action Ireland Communications Officer Cathy Gray (01) 878 0610/   087 995 0186