Alcohol industry’s complaints about TV advert’s cancer link thrown out

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Alcoholindustry complaints that a television advertisement linking drinking with an increased risk of cancer was misleading have been thrown out.

From The Guardian

The AdvertisingStandards Authority rejected after being presented with some of the large body of evidence about alcohol and cancer risk. The British Beer and Pub Association and Campaign for Real Ale were among seven groups that alleged the ad breached the UK’s code on broadcast advertising.

The ad, which was broadcast in the north-east of England and produced by local alcohol campaign group Balance, showed a man in his kitchen preparing a meal. After taking a bottle of beer from the fridge and starting to drink it, a small tumour was seen in the bottom of the glass. It grew with every sip he took, before sliding down the glass towards his mouth.

Balance had spoken to doctors to ensure the commercial was not misleading or alarmist. It highlighted the fact that the World Health Organisation classes alcohol as a Group 1 carcinogen, alongside tobacco.

Colin Shevils, Balance’s director, said the parts of the alcohol industry that objected had been “highly irresponsible” in trying to stop the public learning that alcohol intake can increase the risk of cancers such as those affecting breast, liver and mouth. Surveys have shown that few people know that alcohol can be carinogenic, and not just for those that drink heavily.