Baltic Review (Estonia) – Sale of alcohol at petrol stations lethal

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Numerous youths have drowned or perished in traffic accidents this summer in Estonia.

The daily Eesti Päevaleht blames the deaths on increased alcohol consumption and calls for stricter laws:

“Why must alcohol be available at petrol stations, as if it were just another thing you needed for your car like motor oil or windshield washer fluid? Is the idea to ban boredom from the motorways? The typical scenario for fatal motor accidents starts when five young men between 18 and 25 drive up in an old car and want to buy more booze for a party.

“How many lives could be saved if petrol stations simply stopped selling alcohol? Perhaps the odd local petrol station would go belly up, sure, but it would quickly be replaced by part of a more reasonable chain that earns its money with other services.”


Source: Baltic Review (Estonia), 20/07/10