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Findings of the Irish National Drug & Alcohol Survey: would we ‘rather hide away the ugly reality’?

  This week saw the publication of the 2019-20 Irish National Drug and Alcohol Survey by the Health Research Board.  The survey collections information on alcohol and tobacco consumption and drug use among the general population in Ireland. The 2019–20 NDAS collected information from 5,762 people aged 15 years and older across Ireland.  There are many shocking statistics contained in the report relating to alcohol harm, but let’s start with one. For the first time – using a new analysis based on the... Full Story

The role of alcohol in domestic and sexual violence

As Ireland prepares a third National Strategy on Domestic, Sexual and Gender-Based Violence Strategy, Alcohol Action is advocating that the role of alcohol in domestic and sexual violence can no longer be ignored due to the weight of evidence of the intersection of these issues.  This is a view shared internationally with the World Health Organisation stating that public health agencies have a central role to play in the prevention of such violence including addressing the role of alcohol.   Strong evidence base  A myriad of international studies... Full Story

A new approach to alcohol treatment services required.

  Ireland has high levels of alcohol use and not surprisingly there are correspondingly high numbers of people who have problems with alcohol and who might need professional help. Treatment services for alcohol exist on a continuum and range from brief interventions, to community addiction services, detox facilities and residential rehabilitation. The last of these - residential - comprises around 37% of treatment cases annually and is a well-established intervention for some people requiring assistance for problems with alcohol. Health Research... Full Story

Hidden Harm – the need to focus on children’s needs.

Last week (May 18th, 2021) in partnership with Dún Laoghaire Rathdown Drugs and Alcohol Task Force, Alcohol Action Ireland presented a policy paper to more than 100 people on the issue of problem parental substance use. The idea of the event and paper was to raise awareness about problem alcohol use in the home, an issue that has worsened over the past year and half with COVID lockdowns.  We believe highlighting this is important for a number of reasons: children in these situations are often not known to services, or if they are known, the root cause of their problem... Full Story

HRB Overview Series: Alcohol in Ireland.

Health Research Board: “In order for it to have a real impact, the Public Health (Alcohol) Act needs to be implemented in full as soon as possible.”       The Health Research Board’s latest report on alcohol consumption and harm, Alcohol consumption, alcohol-related harm and alcohol policy in Ireland, starkly outlines how the continuing high level of alcohol consumption in Ireland is affecting the nation’s health and well-being. Despite having laws on our statute books aimed at curbing high... Full Story

Supporting children and families in Ireland

Alcohol Action Ireland has in recent weeks responded to national consultations relating to the lives of children and families. Although we do not provide services, as the national advocate for reducing alcohol harm, we believe that given the hugely troubling effects of alcohol on family life, there is much to be said about what kind of services are offered to children and families who need support, and how they are monitored and evaluated. As so well demonstrated by the recently... Full Story

Are women getting the health risk message around alcohol use? #ChooseToChallenge

This International Women’s Day, we ask, are women getting the public health messages they need around alcohol, or is the industry noise all they can hear?     It’s a day to celebrate the social, economic and political achievements of women, but increasingly International Women’s Day has become a space captured by commercial interests seeking to sell a message.    It’s no surprise then, that the global alcohol industry has for years been using the occasion as yet another opportunity to sell an... Full Story

International Children of Alcoholics Week

This week  (14 – 20 February 2021) is International Children of Alcoholics week (#COAWeek2021), founded and organised by UK charity NACOA (National Association for Children of Alcoholics). The annual campaign raises awareness about how people are affected by their parent's problem alcohol use, and the supports that are available. This year, the week-long event includes talks with an international group of experts, researchers and leaders for children affected by their parent’s drinking or a similar substance, and an evening of... Full Story

The ‘lethal interaction’ of alcohol and COVID-19

Alcohol consumption and how it interacts with COVID-19 across a range of individual and societal dimensions represent a “major public health challenge”, a comprehensive new report on the topic has found. The report “Alcohol and the coronavirus pandemic: individual, societal and policy perspectives”[1] finds that COVID-19 and alcohol consumption has played a crucial role in the transmission and propagation of the pandemic. “In short, alcohol and COVID-19 has been, and continues to be, a lethal interaction,” it states. While the report is... Full Story

Ireland’s first ever seminar on Korsakoff’s Syndrome

The challenges and opportunities for a Forgotten Population. Organised by Neurological Alliance of Ireland, Bloomfield Mental Health Services and Alcohol Action Ireland, this event took place, virtually, on Friday, 6 Nov 2020, and aimed to highlight the unique needs of those living with Korsakoff's Syndrome, including the lack of specific services in Ireland and the current policy context. Korsakoff's Syndrome is a particularly significant outcome of alcohol abuse. This condition occurs due to low levels of thiamine, which is itself often a direct consequence... Full Story

Latest Reports

Annual Review 2020

Our Annual Review highlights on our activities throughout 2020 and reports our progress on our strategic goals.

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AAI Alcohol Treatment Services - A SnapshotSurvey2021

Alcohol Action Ireland, the national independent advocate for reducing alcohol harm, publishes a new report ‘Alcohol Treatment Services: A snapshot survey. 2021’ which explores some of the prevailing issues related to services in Ireland today and proposes a series of recommendations to ensure the possible services are available.

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Hidden Harm and Covid-19: Exploring the impacts and solutions

This Paper was compiled and written by Alcohol Action Ireland with funding support from the Dun Laoghaire Rathdown Drug and Alcohol Task Force, sourced from the Department of Health (Drugs Policy and Social Inclusion Division).

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