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Urgent action needed to address alcohol harm in the budget

Alcohol Action Ireland Media release 5 Sept 2023 Urgent action needed to address alcohol harm in the budget Global alcohol giants are making enormous profits from their sales in Ireland while there is a lack of government urgency to address the nearly 1500 deaths annually from Ireland’s cheapest and most widely available drug. In recent weeks there has rightly been huge concern expressed about the rise in deaths on Ireland’s roads. There has been focussed activity across a number of... Full Story

Safety plan needed for surge in violence

Alcohol Action Ireland calls for ‘practical’ health and safety plan amid growing spates of violence and public disorder  AAI is also calling for amendments to the Sale of Alcohol bill to ensure that it does not have a wide range of unintended consequences  Amid increased and repeated warnings about violence and lawlessness in Dublin, fueled at least partly by alcohol, and concerns about levels of policing, AAI is calling for a halt to proposals to increase opportunities for alcohol use... Full Story

Alcohol Action Ireland pre-budget submission

Alcohol Action Ireland’s pre-budget submission calls for: development of a ‘polluter pays’ model for alcohol taxation, funding for Office for Alcohol Harm Reduction and increased funding for treatment services.   In its pre-budget submission, published today, AAI sets out the harm that alcohol -  Ireland's cheapest and most widely available drug – causes and makes a number of recommendations to offset that harm.  A recently published study in the Lancet found that four industries (tobacco, unhealthy food, fossil fuels, and... Full Story

Ireland’s Very Affordable Alcohol

Alcohol in shops and off-licences is almost 70% more affordable than 20 years ago.  Ireland’s very affordable alcohol must be comprehensively addressed and a ‘polluter pays’ principle applied.  Alcohol Action Ireland has today 12 July 2023 published a report commissioned from the University of Sheffield which examines both the price of alcohol and its affordability over the past two decades to May 2023.  Using data from the Central Statistics Office (CSO), the report noted that overall, alcohol prices have kept... Full Story

Minimum unit pricing reduces alcohol-related harm to health 

A comprehensive independent evaluation of the impact of minimum unit pricing (MUP) for alcohol in Scotland was published today.   It found that MUP has had a positive impact on health outcomes, reducing deaths directly caused by alcohol consumption by an estimated 13.4% and hospital admissions by 4.1%.  Alcohol Action Ireland welcomes the final report from Public Health Scotland, which adds to evidence from other jurisdictions that MUP is an important measure in reducing alcohol harm.  MUP was introduced in Scotland in May 2018 and led to a... Full Story

Men encouraged to examine relationship with alcohol during annual Men’s Health Week

Men’s Health Forum in Ireland launches the annual Men’s Health Week today (Monday, 12th June).   Commencing the Monday before Father’s Day and rounding up the day of Father’s Day itself, Men’s Health Forum in Ireland and Alcohol Action Ireland are emboldening men to challenge the industry prescribed mainstay of alcohol as an integral ingredient for good times (and bad). This Men’s Health Week presents ‘The Picture of Health’ as its theme. We hope men will examine how alcohol fits... Full Story

Warm welcome for alcohol labelling – an important step to ensure the consumer’s right to know the risks from alcohol 

Media Release Alcohol Action Ireland 22 May 2023 Warm welcome for alcohol labelling – an important step to ensure the consumer’s right to know the risks from alcohol    Alcohol Action Ireland, today 22 May 2023, warmly welcomed the announcement that Minister for Health, Stephen Donnelly, has signed into law, Section 12 of the Public Health (Alcohol) Act 2018 which provides for alcohol products being sold in Ireland to have health information labels. These regulations will ensure that no alcohol... Full Story

Urgent need for implementation of health warning labels on alcohol products 

Implement labelling regulations provided for under the Public Health Alcohol Act (2018) without further delay, experts say amid concern for alcohol-related diseases and conditions  16/05/23: Health information labels on alcohol products need to be urgently implemented in order that consumers are informed about the risks of consuming alcohol, Alcohol Action Ireland has said ahead of an event to raises awareness about the issue (details in editor’s notes).  In order to reiterate the importance of health warning labels, Alcohol Action Ireland... Full Story

Proposed Sale of Alcohol Bill could come at ‘enormous’ cost to Irish society, international expert warns 

Professor Emeritus Tom Babor has analysed Ireland’s Sale of Alcohol Bill in a report published today, Tuesday May 9, at an event at Wood Quay, Dublin 8, launched by the Lord Mayor of Dublin Caroline Conroy  This government’s pursuit of a ‘night-time economy’ that increases access to alcohol will bring to Ireland’s streets and homes the ensuing issues that often accompanies increasing alcohol availability, a report published today warns.  Author of the report, The Sale of Alcohol Bill (2022): An... Full Story

Delay in implementing Operation Encompass

Operation Encompass is an early intervention support for children living with domestic abuse - why is it not being implemented?   The lack of political will in implementing an early intervention mechanism for children experiencing domestic abuse is preventing children from accessing instant support when they need it. Alcohol Action Ireland, through its Silent Voices initiative, has been raising awareness about Operation Encompass since 2020. Along with the Ombudsman for Children and other children’s rights advocates, we are calling on... Full Story