Connacht Council seek to ban alcohol sponsorship of underage GAA teams

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THE CONNACHT COUNCIL are seeking for the GAA to ban alcohol sponsorship that is associated with underage Gaelic football and hurling teams.


The issue of alcohol sponsorship in sport has been heavily debated in recent times and now the Connacht Council are seeking to end any links with alcohol companies with U18 teams.

The motion is being brought forward by the Connacht Council as number 43 on the GAA Congress agenda for next month and will apply to teams at both inter-county and club level.

The official wording of the motion seeks to amend Rule 1:17 by creating two sub sections to Section (1), that read as follows:

(i) No brand name(s), distinctive marks of logo or other advertising material relating to alcohol companies, public houses or off licence premises, shall be displayed on the playing gear, as set out in sub clause (a), or any additional gear/equipment, as set out in sub clause (g) belonging or relating to teams catering exclusively for young people under 18 years of age.

(ii) Sponsorship of teams catering exclusively for young players under 18 years of age by alcohol companies is prohibited.