Cut booze and cut cancer — charity

DRINKERS are being urged to cut their alcohol intake to reduce their risk of cancer.

From the Evening Herald

Clodagh Sheehy – 11 April 2013

An estimated 1,200 people die each year in Ireland from alcohol-related cancers, says charity Alcohol Action Ireland.

“Alcohol is recognised as a key risk factor for cancer, but it’s also one of the most preventable causes of cancer,” says Conor Cullen of AAI.

“Ireland has the second highest rate of cancer in the world, and we also have high levels of alcohol consumption.

“If we are to reduce the levels of cancer and save many lives in the process, we need to take decisive action to reduce our alcohol consumption.”

Along with obesity and tobacco, drink is one of the leading causes of cancer in the country.

It is related particularly to colon and rectal cancers, which are expected to rise by 34pc in women and 45pc in men by 2020.

“Drinking alcohol is a lifestyle choice that many of us make, but the more alcohol you drink, the more you increase your risk of developing a number of cancers.

“One of third of cancers could be prevented by positive lifestyle changes and drinking less is one of the healthy decisions people can make that will reduce their risk of cancer,” adds Mr Cullen

“If we are to seriously address alcohol-related harms, we need to implement the key recommendations contained in the Steering Group Report on the National Substance Misuse Strategy.”

These include setting a floor price beneath which alcohol cannot be sold.