End “Crouching Tiger-Hidden Naggin” drinking culture

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The ‘Crouching Tiger – Hidden Naggin’ drinking culture amongst Irish youth who are binge drinking cheap alcohol has to end, according to Ireland South MEP Sean Kelly has called on the government to introduce minimum alcohol pricing.

From Waterford Today

“Young people have limited cash but they are still able to get cheap alcoholic drinks such as so-called ‘naggins’ of  spirits to binge drink,” Sean Kelly said.

“Teenagers are drinking in what they describe as the ‘Crouching Tiger-Hidden Naggin’ style. In other words, they are sneaking naggins of vodka into nightclubs so they can drink to excess cheaply.

“They are also buying cheap drink and drinking it in parks or at friends’ houses before a night out. Some are sneaking bottles into nightclubs too so they can drink to excess cheaply.

“Alcohol is too accessible for young people in this country. If there was a minimum alcohol pricing structure it would certainly help limit the amount they could buy and therefore consume.”

The former GAA President has formally relayed these concerns in correspondence to the government and to the Minister for Health, James Reilly.

“Alcohol pricing must be addressed as we try to end alcohol misuse in this country,” Mr Kelly said.