Helsinkin Sanomat (Finland) – Nearly 70% would reduce blood-alcohol threshold for drink-driving cases

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Finnish attitudes towards binge-drinking are becoming increasingly strict. Bans and restrictions are accepted these days with more relish than in earlier years.

A recent study measuring attitudes to alcohol saw 78% of the respondents demanding a tighter approach to the serving of drinks to people who had already had a skinful.

Equally, some 69% of Finns would reduce the lower threshold for drunken driving from 0.05% blood-alcohol content to 0.02%, the level adopted in such countries as Sweden, Norway, and Estonia. The level for aggravated drunken driving in Finland is 0.12%. An even larger share of those polled – 78% – would like to see the figure for DUI when at the helm of a boat reduced from the present 0.1% to 0.05%.

Just over half, or 58%, support a ban on image advertising of alcohol, while around half expressed annoyance that the alcohol industry takes part in the drafting of alcohol policy legislation.

There are limits, however. Finns are not excited at the idea of reducing the strength of keskiolut, the so-called III-beer*, which is available for sale in supermarkets, and is currently allowed to be a maximum of 4.7% abv (alcohol by volume). Only 19% would welcome weaker beer.

The Finnish Centre for Health Promotion interviewed more than 1,000 Finns for the barometer study.


Source: Helsinkin Sanomat (Finland), 15/09/10