International Alcohol Related News/ 2 March 2009

BBC – Young Finnish people debate attitudes to drinking, where the sale of alcohol is strictly regulated


Bloomberg (Scotland)Scotland Plans to Raise Alcohol Prices, Tackle Abuse

Scotland plans to introduce a minimum price for alcohol and ban the promotions and discounts the government blames for violence and disease.


HealthNewsDigest.comAlcohol Consumption And Increased Cancer Risk

Many of you are familiar with the so-called “French Paradox,” whereby the French, who have a diet higher in saturated fats than the typical American, have a lower rate of coronary heart disease.


  Mmegi Online (Botswana)Govt To Review Alcohol Levy

Government has appointed a consultant to review the impact of the 30 percent alcohol levy on locally brewed products and imports. This comes after local brewers KBL and BBL shed off almost 100 jobs after losses made over the Christmas holidays. (Canada)Alberta experts leading research on fetal alcohol spectrum disorder

Alberta is leading the way when it comes to research on fetal alcohol spectrum disorder, according to an expert in the field.


Ghana Broadcasting Corporation (Ghana)Cigarette and alcohol intake causes impotency in men

Research has shown that cigarette smoking and alcohol intake are the major causes of impotency and erectile dysfunction among men. (New Zealand)Joint approach to tackling alcohol harm

In a new initiative police, the fire service, health professionals and local authorities are fighting alcohol-fuelled violence that features strongly in crimes and crashes, which costs the country billions of dollars a year.


The Australian (Australia)Alcopops tax ’leads to less alcohol consumption’

HEALTH experts are urging politicians to support the federal Government’s alcopops tax after they found pre-mixed drink sales fell 26 per cent in the three months following the tax hike.,25197,25124610-5013871,00.html


Mid Columbia Tri City Herald (USA)Survey finds alcohol bigger problem for teens than drugs

But that’s a minority opinion according to statewide statistics, which indicate nearly three-fourths of high school seniors have tried alcohol. About a quarter have engaged in binge drinking.


Nursing in Practice (UK)Warning to baby boomers about drinking in older age

A recent report into alcohol and older people has suggested that our growing aging population, and its often increasing dependency on alcohol, could be a “demographic time bomb”.


Science DailyAlcohol Types And Socioeconomic Status Are Associated With Barrett’s Esophagus Risk

Although the relationship between alcohol and esophageal squamous cell carcinoma is well established, studies investigating the association between alcohol intake and reflux esophagitis (RE), Barrett’s esophagus (BE) and esophageal adenocarcinoma (EAC) have reported inconsistent findings.


Times Online (UK)Low-alcohol bubbly is not wine, court rules
An importer of low-alcohol sparkling drinks was told today that it could not market its products as wine because it had not met European regulations for minimum alcohol content.


New York Times (USA)Renewed Debate on Sunday Alcohol Sales

DOMINIC P. Alaimo is fed up watching Connecticut consumers cruise past his package store every Sunday on their way to buy beer, wine and liquor just two miles up the road in Massachusetts.


Times Online (France) French winemakers angered by Government move to cut alcohol intake
The Boyer family business has survived a revolution, four wars with Germany, two with England, eight changes of regime and more economic crises than anyone can remember since it began making wine by the Mediterranean in southern France. (UK)Up to 1,000 people a day admitted to hospital for alcohol-related illness

More than 81,000 patients were admitted where alcohol was assessed as the main reason for the illness – more than 200 a day.


Medical News TodayAlcohol Consumption And Male Erectile Dysfunction: An Unfounded Reputation For Risk?

The report, one of four published articles from a population-based cross-sectional study principally on male erectile dysfunction (ED), is based on the responses of 1,580 participants to questions on their alcohol drinking behaviour.


Standart News (Bulgaria) – Bulgarians among the Heaviest Drinkers in Europe
Every third man and every fifth woman in Bulgaria drink too much alcohol, according to a survey by the World Health Organization, quoted by Dr Alexander Kanchelov.


Newsroom Finland (Finland)Finland to raise alcohol duties by 10 pct

Finland’s centre-right government has decided to raise alcohol duties by an average of ten per cent, the Finnish Broadcasting Company (YLE) reported on Wednesday.