Kenny shouldn’t have opened new brewery

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Letter to the Irish Examiner

In his recent speech at the opening of a new Guinness production facility at St James’s Gate, Dublin, Taoiseach Enda Kenny lauded the contribution of the drinks industry to the economy in terms of employment, export earnings, purchasing of raw materials, and the tourist sector.

In the context of present-day economic realities, nobody can quibble with these sentiments. Regrettably, by his very presence at the event and by views which he also articulated, the Taoiseach played into the hands of a drinks industry that is only too pleased to have its activities endorsed by a person of the Taoiseach’s standing.

Given the hold that alcohol has on the lives of hundreds of thousands in this country, the multi-billion euro costs to the State of alcohol misuse and the human suffering that it brings to people of all ages, it should have been clear to him that there is more to the production and consumption of a highly addictive drug than investment figures, company profits, and tourist figures. Before he accepts an invitation to a similar event in the future, perhaps his Health Minister Leo Varadkar, and his Minister for Children, James Reilly, would offer some advice.

Dr Michael Loftus

Main Street


Co Mayo