Kenny slams Centra over benefit day beer

From The Irish Sun

Four stores issued Children’s Allowance Day Deal flyers offering 20 bottles of Miller for  €15 and 40 Budweiser for  €25.

The leaflets encouraged parents to “make your money last” and were handed out in Fairview and East Wall, Dublin, Kilcoole, Co Wicklow, and Tullamore in Offaly.

However, after a massive public backlash, Centra bosses pulled the ads promoting ’mickey money nights’ ”” a slang term for parents using their kids’ allowance to get sloshed.

But the furious Taoiseach slammed the store for advertising booze irresponsibly.

He fumed: “This is exceptionally irresponsible for a group to link the payment of Children’s Allowance to cheap alcohol. The human cost of alcohol is enormous.

“Alcohol, amongst other things, was responsible for at least 88 deaths every month in 2008.

“It is also associated with 2,000 beds being occupied every night in Irish acute hospitals ”” 2,000 beds every night with people loaded with alcohol.”


Cut-price booze … controversial leaflets

Fianna Fail senator Averil Power said: “I’m appalled by Centra advertising cheap beer on its ’Children’s Allowance day deals’ flyer.

“Children’s Allowance is specifically provided to parents to help feed and clothe their kids.”

Alcohol Action Ireland, the national charity for alcohol-related issues, also criticised the move.

AAI Director Fiona Ryan said: “Considering one in 11 children in Ireland are living with a parent with problematic alcohol use then any link between parenting and buying cut-price alcohol is totally irresponsible. It doesn’t serve the retailer or the family well.”

The cheap plonk was advertised with bargain bacon, jaffa cakes, crisps, cabbage, fig rolls, French stick bread, water, ice cream and pizza.

Even hip-hop comedy duo The Rubberbandits, from Limerick, weren’t impressed, saying: “There’s a Centra in Dublin that’s offering beer at a special price for Children’s Allowance day. Lads, what’s happening to the country.”

In a statement last night Centra apologised to its customers and the Irish public.

It said: “Centra fully understands the abuse of alcohol is a serious issue in Irish society and apologises for the promotion, which although isolated to four stores, is contrary to Centra’s belief that retailers have a critical role to play in ensuring that alcohol is promoted and sold responsibly.