Lambrini ad banned for promoting alcohol as key for successful social occasion

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Lambrini’s “big night in” ad has been banned for irresponsibly giving the impression that alcohol is a key component to social success.

From Marketing Magazine

The ad, created by Ponderosa Agency, features three women dressed in loungewear, sitting on a sofa and laughing. One scene shows a woman in eveningwear, holding a bottle of Lambrini and about to join the women indoors.

The rest of the creative features women arriving at the apartment, putting on makeup and getting ready for the evening, laughing, dancing, and pouring Lambrini at various points. It ends with the line “Make it a Lambrini Big Night In”.

Two complainants challenged whether the ad implied that the success of a social occasion depended on the presence or consumption of alcohol, which was upheld by the Advertising Standards Authority (ASA).

A second complaint that the ad portrayed alcohol as capable of changing mood and behaviour by enhancing enjoyment was not upheld.

Lambrini’s owner Halewood International said the ad showed friends enjoying a night in, with the Lambrini bottles only featuring briefly in the ad and not being used as a central part of the enjoyment.

The company added that no one was shown drinking throughout the ad, meaning that there was no indication that Lambrini was contributing to the success of the occasion.

The ASA acknowledged this and noted that there was no suggestion that those without a drink were not enjoying the party, but said the ad included eight shots of the Lambrini bottle, two of which showed it being poured into large wine glasses.

The ASA said the ‘Big Night In’ slogan and the repeated inclusion of the product gave the impression that the alcohol was a key component of the success of the party, and banned it for being irresponsible.

Lorna Tweed, brand manager for Lambrini at Halewood International, said that the company will work with Clearcast, who approved the original ad, to amend the messaging in line with the ASA’s ruling ahead of the ad being re-aired.

Tweed said: “Naturally we are disappointed with the ASA’s ruling As a company, we work hard to ensure that responsible drinking is promoted across all of our brands.

“As well as working within the spirit of the code at all times we have worked hard to create innovative solutions to promote responsible drinking to a wider audience. Lambrini recently launched its free ’Bodyguard App’ to help people remain safe and drink responsibly during nights out which was well received by consumers and the industry.