Many heavy drinkers believe they drink only ‘socially’, expert claims

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Britain’s Ministry of Health wants the EU to relax rules that require wine to have an alcohol content of over 8.5%. They think promoting low alcohol wine will tackle alcohol-related illnesses.

From the Irish Examiner

In Ireland, the number of deaths from alcohol has doubled in recent years. Frank Murray, Chairperson of the Alcohol Policy Group in the Royal College of Physicians Ireland, said the idea of reducing alcohol content of wine should be considered.

“Many people who, unfortunately, come to our attention with advanced liver disease, liver failure or cancer related to alcohol consumption, reportedly would have considered themselves to be social drinkers only,” he explained.

“They’re heavy drinkers – they’re not alcoholics , they’re working in full-time jobs, and they come home every evening and maybe drink half a bottle or two-thirds of a bottle of wine – and maybe more at the weekend.

“That kind of alcohol intake often leads to very serious and life-threatening consequences – consequences that kill people.”