New knowledge resources now available

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Looking for up to the minute information on training, courses and evidence-based practice? Then check out the National Documentation Centre’s knowledge and research repository.

A comprehensive and accessible database of Irish research and policy documents, the knowledge resource will be a useful tool to those taking an evidence-based approach in the policy-making, research and education arenas.

There have been a number of recent additions to the NDC’s resources and services, which are described below:

Launch of NDTRS interactive tables
The NDC launched its drug treatment data interactive table in December 2010.   The interactive tables are a flexible and user-friendly tool, making high-quality data from the National Drug Treatment Reporting System available and easily accessible. The tables can be used for planning purposes, to identify gaps in service provision and to monitor trends in substance use.

Evidence resources in the NDC
Practitioners and researchers require access to the ‘best available’ international evidence.     NDC staff have identified relevant reports, reviews and guidelines on websites that provide evidence for drug and alcohol interventions.   Access to the ‘evidence-based resources’ search page is available through the NDC homepage.   Users can search by drug or intervention type as well as by title, author, date or publisher. There are currently over 200 full-text items available.

Online directory of drug and alcohol courses
The NDC has developed an online directory of courses and training programmes in the in substance use and addiction fields.   Visitors to the website may search for a course by keyword, or browse the directory by course title, region or provider.
Most courses refer directly to drugs or addiction, though others aim to develop broad skills, such as supervision, facilitation and counselling techniques, which may be of interest to those working in this area. We will update the directory in early 2011 and throughout the year. Course co-ordinators who wish to revise an existing entry or include a new course may request an application form from

Online course in evidence-based practice for substance use prevention workers

In 2010 the NDC piloted an online course in evidence-based practice in drug prevention and education work.   The course provided instruction in a range of information-literacy skills which helped the participants understand how evidence in their field is produced, how this evidence can be found and how research-based knowledge can be used to shape policy and bring about better health outcomes.

Due to the success of the pilot course, the NDC is currently preparing a submission for course accreditation by an Irish university.   If you are interested in participating or wish to learn more about the course, please contact Brian Galvin at (01) 2345 168 or

To view the National Documentation Centre’s knowledge and research repository, please visit