New national on-line ‘get-help’ guide to alcohol services launched

Alcohol Action Ireland, the national charity for alcohol-related issues, has launched a new national on-line guide to alcohol services around the country which is searchable by age of the person seeking help and location using Google mapping technology.

Alcohol Action Ireland Director Fiona Ryan said: “We developed the Alcohol Service Finder   in response to the calls and emails we receive. Sometimes, the contact is from people seeking help with their own drinking but more frequently, however, it is a family member at the end of their tether, desperate to find help for their loved one.

“We considered how we could best support people in this situation, we consulted and found what people wanted was access to targeted, relevant information as quickly as possible. So we contacted alcohol services across the country and asked if they would be included in the guide and then designed it to give people what they told us they wanted. ”

Ms Ryan added: “The response among groups testing the service has been very positive with the capacity for the service to hone in on services specific to the person’s need and the use of Google maps for location both cited as big plusses.”

As well as location, services are divided into who help is being sought for with the following categories included:

  • Adults with alcohol problems
  • Under 18s with alcohol problems
  • Children affected by parental alcohol problems
  • Parents of children under 18 with alcohol problems
  • Families of adults with alcohol problems
  • Teens/young adults with alcohol problems

Ms Ryan said: “Seeking help is the first crucial step. Our goal was to make this first step as stress-free as possible by giving people exactly what they tell us they want – accessible information.   We would always stress that the service is not intended to substitute contacting a GP, it is a signposting guide to the services and supports available to people looking for help with their own alcohol problems or those of loved ones.”

The Alcohol Action Ireland Alcohol Service Finder can be found at:, at and at or by searching for ‘Alcohol Service Finder’ on Facebook.

For further information, or comment contact:
Alcohol Action Ireland Communications Officer Cathy Gray (01) 878 0610/ 087 995 0186