Off-licence training needed – Clune

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From the Cork Independent

Senator Deirdre Clune has extended her support to Gardai who objected to permission being granted for an off licence in the Douglas Court Shopping Centre.   

Gardaí currently fear that the opening of another alcohol retailer will increase the level of anti-social behaviour in the area where nine off licences are already located.  

 “There have been 78 public order incidents in the area so far this year and I think it is ridiculous that the views of the Gardai who are responsible for maintaining law and order are not being taken into consideration, ” said Senator Clune.


 “Gardai are concerned that this new off licence will give rise to further difficulties with underage drinking in the area and I share these concerns. Mandatory training needs to be introduced to equip the staff who sell alcohol with the skills to tackle excessive drinking as called for by the National Off – Licence Association.


Senator Clune outlined that training could include monitoring the quantity of alcohol sold, the process of confirming identification and promoting the sale of alcohol in a responsible manner.   


 “The Sale of Alcohol Bill is expected to be published in late 2012 and is due to include rules for opening hours and sanctions for retailers who do not adhere to guidelines set by the government. ”


 “It is imperative that this Bill is published as soon as possible to combat the problem of the binge drinking culture in Ireland. ”


 “Children are starting to drink at a younger age. Alcohol abuse is still a major issue for communities across Ireland and Gardaí are an invaluable resource in taking on this problem. ”