Progressive steps to restrict alcohol advertising conditions taken by fellow EU Member Estonia

Alcohol Action Ireland applaud the Riigikogu (the Estonian parliament) who yesterday (20 Dec) passed innovative and progressive public health measures that will further restrict alcohol sales and advertising conditions in Estonia.

Like Ireland, Estonia has prioritised the protection of public health and sought to reduce the social, economic and health damage caused by alcohol consumption.

The measures passed very much reflect the approach adopted by Ireland in the Public Health (Alcohol) Bill. It will see significant changes to how, where and when alcohol is advertised and ensures that all alcohol product and promotion must carry specific health information and warnings.

Speaking on these developments, Eunan McKinney, Head of Communications and Advocacy, Alcohol Action Ireland, said:

“The news coming from Estonia today is especially significant as it demonstrates yet another EU Member state taking decisive action to protect public health against alcohol harms.”

Estonian alcohol consumption rate at 9.9 litres in 2016, which has fallen consecutively over the last three years, is significantly lower than Ireland, which is rising and stood at 11.46 litres in 2016.

Continuing he said:

“The measures on restricting alcohol advertising content and legally binding health information and warnings labelling on all alcohol products, very much reflect the measures proposed in our legislation, and in fact, go further by banning outdoor alcohol advertising and restricting alcohol advertising on social media.”

Estonia is now leading the way for a group of EU Member States, including Ireland, who are undertaking significant legislative initiatives to address our societies harmful relationship with alcohol and ensure that alcohol misuse is treated as a serious public health problem.