Reality Bites: Merlot and Me tonight at 9.30 p.m. on RTE 2


Maia Dunphy is a healthy, attractive, very sociable 30-something woman whose career as a TV producer, broadcaster and journalist offers her plenty of opportunities to party. Like a lot of women of her age Maia, who is married to comedian Johnny Vegas, likes a drink. In fact, she isn’t averse to having a ‘few too many’ and would sometimes have a glass of wine or three at home on a school night. In this new documentary, the straight talking Ms Dunphy takes a cold, candid look at her personal drinking habits; particularly in the light of research from Alcohol Action Ireland which reports that Irish women’s intake of alcohol has been rising steadily since 1995, and alarmingly since 2005. Six out of 10 Irish Women are now regularly drinking far too much with horrible implications for their looks, their physical and emotional health. In this film, Maia publicly faces the fact that she’s one of them.