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Alcohol & Costs

Costs to Society of Problem Alcohol use In Ireland

Alcohol-related problems cost Ireland an estimated €3.7 billion in 2007, according to the HSE’s report Costs to Society of Problem Alcohol Use in Ireland. Treating alcohol-related injuries and diseases cost the healthcare system an estimated €1.2 billion - around a tenth of the total annual healthcarebudget. Meanwhile, an estimated €1.2 billion of tax payers’ money is spent on dealing with alcohol-related crime including violence and vandalism
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Report On The Misuse of Alcohol and Other Drugs 2012

The Report On The Misuse of Alcohol and Other Drugs was launched by the Joint Committee on Health and Children in 2012. The majority of the Committee members support the introduction of minimum pricing and recommend measures on alcohol availability and marketing, including marketing on social networking sites.
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Alcohol and Crime Fact Sheet

"Alcohol and Crime:: Getting The Facts" is a fact sheet from Alcohol Action Ireland addressing the key questions surrounding the relationship between alcohol and crime.
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Alcohol - Where's The Harm?

Alcohol Action Ireland commissioned leading market research company Behaviour and Attitudes to survey people on their experiences of alcohol-related harm in the community as part of their "Alcohol - Where’s the Harm?" conference
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Alcohol’s Harm to Others

Almost three-quarters of the adult Australian population report being affected by someone else’s drinking in 2010, according to the Alcohol’s Harm to Others report, which details the impacts from the drinking of others. It also found that over a third of people who reported being negatively affected by the drinking of someone they knew had to stop seeing that person because of their drinking
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The Survey of Lifestyle, Attitude and Nutrition (SLÁN) Report on Alcohol

More than half of Irish adults report a harmful drinking pattern - that’s 7 in 10 men and 4 in 10 women who drink. The Survey of Lifestyle, Attitude and Nutrition (SLÁN) Report on Alcohol contains the most up to date data on Irish drinking patterns
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Social Consequences of Harmful Use of Alcohol in Ireland

The 2009 Health Research Board report "Social Consequences of Harmful Use of Alcohol in Ireland" paints a grim picture of the increasingly negative role played by alcohol in Irish society. It finds that the high level of alcohol-related social harm does not bode well for the future health and well-being of the Irish population
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Alcohol Related Harm in Ireland

A 2008 report on "Alcohol Related Harm in Ireland" by Dr Ann Hope documents the extent and nature of alcohol harms to both to the drinker and to those affected by the drinker
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