Sydney Morning Herald (Australia) – Alcohol-related injuries on the rise

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Alcohol-related injuries in Victoria have risen dramatically over the past decade, while the state’s alcohol consumption remained stable.

Michael Livingston and his colleagues at the Turning Point Alcohol and Drug Centre looked at eight harm indicators in Victoria between 1999-2000 and 2007-08.

They found that alcohol-related ambulance attendances tripled in that time, and emergency department presentations for intoxication doubled.

This was despite little evidence of major changes in risky drinking levels over recent years.

“These findings may reflect changes in drinking behaviour within small, high-risk sub-populations, resulting in more problems per litre of alcohol,” Mr Livingston said.

Young people were most at risk of alcohol injury, while late night trading and a rising density of outlets were also contributing factors.

Source: Sydney Morning Herald (Australia), 16/08/10