An Taoiseach renews his commitment to Public Health (Alcohol) Bill

Alcohol Action Ireland today welcomed, An Taoiseach, Leo Varadkar’s renewed commitment to completing passage of the Public Health Alcohol Bill. In his opening speech last evening on the nomination of government, An Taoiseach, established the immediate priorities of his government. In addressing the priorities for Health, he outlined that he had asked Minister Simon Harris, newly re-appointed Minister for Health, to:

‘complete passage of the Public Health (Alcohol) Bill through the Houses as soon as possible’

For over 500 days the Public Health (Alcohol) Bill – a progressive piece of legislation designed to significantly and positively alter Ireland’s harmful relationship with alcohol – has languished in the Oireachtas and faced inordinate delay.

The Bill contains a range of measures designed to work together to reduce alcohol consumption in Ireland so reducing alcohol related harm. It will protect children, families and communities from alcohol related harms and create an environment that supports a low risk approach to individual consumption.

It is our strong belief that these measures, taken together, will provide a reasonable, pragmatic means to achieving the ambition of this progressive public health initiative.

The Public Health (Alcohol) Bill will address excessive consumption and reduce related harms by establishing robust regulation on price, labelling, marketing and availability of alcohol products.