Teenagers urged to celebrate without drink

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World Boxing champion Katie Taylor has joined a campaign to encourage Junior Certificate recipients to enjoy their success tomorrow without alcohol.

Over 56,000 students will receive their Junior Cert results tomorrow and Ms Taylor teamed up with national youth organisation, the No Name Club, to encourage teenagers to celebrate without alcohol.

Every year alcohol-free events are held to celebrate “Junior Night” in No Name Clubs and other venues around the country. However, some 15 and 16-year-olds still manage to acquire alcohol as part of the celebrations.

Speaking yesterday, Ms Taylor said that as a young person who does not drink, she can appreciate the enjoyment there is to be had in living a life free from alcohol.

“I’ve enjoyed great success and enjoyment in the boxing ring and on the soccer pitch and have lived a fit, healthy and happy life without the need for drink,” she said.

She encouraged young people celebrating their achievements to recognise the opportunities that are there to celebrate and enjoy life without the need for alcohol.

“There are great opportunities to enjoy yourself without drinking,” she said.

The youth organisation has also teamed up with the HSE to help curb teenage drinking.

Dr Bobby Smyth, child and adolescent psychiatrist with the HSE warned that alcohol and drugs could ruin the students’ night. “I would say to the students, it’s your night and you want to remember it for all the right reasons,” he said.


Source: The Irish Times, 14/09/10
Journalist: Fiona Gartland