TopNews United Kingdom (UK) – 90% of Youngsters Try Alcohol by 15

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It has been revealed by the data gathered by the Australian Secondary Students Drug and Alcohol Survey that by the time young people turn 15, 90% of them try alcohol.

The figures reveal that each week one in every six teens aged 16 to 17 years consume alcohol at harmful levels.

It has been disclosed by Victorian Drug and Alcohol Prevention Council that in less than a decade the rate of binge drinking among adolescents aged 16-24 has doubled.

Youngsters, who are in the stage of mental development, binge on drinking are at increased risk of developing mental health conditions like dependence on alcohol and other drugs and depression in later stages of life.

Therefore, at this time there is strong need to help the youngsters in avoiding binge drinking and it is quite well known that total abstinence is not going to help in this case.

According to sources, the Australian Drug Foundation has decided to develop a new instructional program, whose main target will be schools.

Showing a DVD containing interviews of youngsters will be of no use but it will just provoke the students sitting in the classroom to discuss about drinking alcohol.

However, the best course for those under 15 to avoid alcohol is to take two drinks at one session means the drinking process can be delayed as long as possible.


Source: TopNews United Kingdom (UK), 09/09/2010