Victim’s alcohol-violence film

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A man attacked on a night out in Swansea has spoken out about the devastating impact it has done to his life. His powerful film forms part of the One Punch Ruins Lives campaign, aiming to tackle alcohol-fuelled violence.

Nicholas Watkins, 27 and from Ystalyfera, has undergone major brain surgery which later required his skull to be re-built, after being punched and then kicked in the head in Swansea city centre last December.

He has had to be taught to walk, talk and swallow again, a process which his father describes as “heartbreaking.” He still has sight and balance issues which stop him living a normal life.

His attacker, Owain Davies, has been sentenced to nine years in prison after being convicted of grievous bodily harm with intent.

This video has been produced by South Wales Police, and released today as part of the Once Punch Ruins Lives campaign to reduce violence and improve safety in city centre nightlife. It will be posted on Youtube and shown to offenders and potential offenders.

Watch the video here

The One Punch Ruins Lives campaign was launched in March 2013, by South Wales Police Chief Superintendent Julian Williams.

It focuses on Swansea, Neath and Port Talbot, and aims to reduce alcohol-fuelled violence by making people stop and think about the possible consequences of violence on the victim’s and their own lives.

Chief Superintendent Julian Williams said: “The vast majority of people enjoy a night out in safety with no problems whatsoever, however there are a minority who behave differently after excessive alcohol and do things they would never normally do.”

“That single act of stupidity could have dramatic consequences on their own and their victim’s lives and I urge people to think about the consequences, be brave and walk away from any aggression or violence. “