Mon 16 Oct

Public Health Alcohol policy must be protected from distortion by vested interests

There is no equivalence between business lobbyists and public health advocates   In recent weeks as the battle for the public ‘hearts and minds’ on the need for the Public Health (Alcohol) Bill and its measures has intensified, it is interesting...

Fri 22 Sep

The Drinks Industry can have their ads but they can’t have Christmas too!

The Alcohol Beverage Federation of Ireland (ABFI) have recently issued a statement, and supporting video advertorial on social media, again critical of the measures proposed in the Public Health (Alcohol) Bill. The piece criticises the measures as seeking the demise...

Tue 29 Aug

Alcohol Action Ireland publishes 2018 Pre-Budget submission

Media Statement From Alcohol Action Ireland Tuesday, 29th August 2017.   Alcohol Action Ireland call on government to retain the current level of excise duty Highlights the need to reconsider the introduction of a Social Responsibility levy on all alcohol...

Suicide in Ireland - the Influence of Alcohol and Unemployment

The "Suicide in Ireland - the Influence of Alcohol and Unemployment" study found that alcohol consumption is a significant influence on the suicide rate among younger males and suggests that heavier taxation of alcohol could play a role in reducing the suicide rate among young men

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Women & Alcohol: Making The Drink Link

Information and advice about women and alcohol, including tips to help you cut down, is available in Alcohol Action Ireland’s leaflet "Women & Alcohol: Making the Drink Link".

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The Coombe Women’s Hospital Study of Alcohol, Smoking and Illicit Drug Use 1987-2005 (2007)

The Coombe Women’s Hospital Study of Alcohol, Smoking and Illicit Drug Use 1987-2005 (2007) found that almost two-thirds (63%) of the 43,318 women surveyed said they drank alcohol during their pregnancy.

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