Voices of Recovery

Alcohol Action Ireland (AAI) has launched a new initiative, Voices of Recovery, to harness the lived experience of people in recovery from alcohol to drive policy change.


The initiative, led by people in recovery from alcohol, aims to remove the stigma around getting treatment for alcohol problems and to drive evidence-based policy change on issues such as better alcohol treatment services, curbs on alcohol marketing and holding the alcohol industry to account for the harm its product causes.


It will be led, and objectives delivered, by a dedicated team of people in long-term recovery (over two years continuous sobriety) who are prepared to sign this charter and work to achieve the agreed objectives to champion recovery as set out in the campaign aims.

Membership of Voices of Recovery will be open to all who self-declare that they have a minimum of two years continuous sobriety at the time of application and who support the work of AAI.

Voices of Recovery podcast

 In this episode, we speak to three long-term recovery advocates and members of Voices of Recovery, board member of Alcohol Action Ireland, Paddy Creedon, recovery centre worker, Val Ward and olympic medalist, psychotherapist and politician, Kenneth Egan.