Voices of Recovery charter

Ireland has a very significant problem with alcohol. Over 60% of those who drink have harmful drinking patterns. Around 15% of the population in Ireland has an alcohol use disorder – that is 578,000 people, with around 90,000 at a severe level. 7% are estimated to be dependent on alcohol. 


‘Voices of Recovery’ (VoR) is an initiative of Alcohol Action Ireland (AAI) which has a mission to reduce harm from alcohol. It will be led, and objectives delivered, by a dedicated team of people in long-term recovery (over two years continuous sobriety) who are prepared to sign this charter and work to achieve the agreed objectives to champion recovery as set out in the campaign aims.  


Membership of Voices of Recovery will be open to all who self-declare that they have a minimum of two years continuous sobriety at the time of application and who support the work of AAI. 


Our Vision 

Mobilise the ‘Recovery Community’ (individuals in recovery, families, friends, recovery agencies etc.) into community recovery advocate organisations and networks that will work together with other like-minded organisations (local, national and international) to make the world a better place for all. 


 Campaign Aims 

This campaign (VoR) seeks to develop a core membership of those with lived experience, their allies and champions that will be the voice of support and co-create our strategic direction. 


VoR will give voice to the concerns of people who are in long-term recovery from alcohol harm, along with the many who suffer from alcohol dependence on a daily basis. It is hoped that by harnessing and sharing the unique insights and viewpoints of people in recovery, we can help to raise awareness and bring about change that will benefit the whole of society, as well as assisting people in their recovery journey.  


As people in long term recovery, we fully recognise that the level of harm doesn’t just stop with these two groups. The societal impact of alcohol harm directly impacts over 200,000 children and 400,000 adult children who live with, or continue to be impacted by adverse childhood experiences (ACES) as a result of their parents’/guardians’ problem alcohol use.  


Adversely impacted by shame and stigma, individuals and their families continue to have no collective voice in the public arena. This initiative aims to ensure their voices will influence public health policy for the betterment of all concerned. 


By signing up for this Charter, you are working with and supporting Alcohol Action Ireland in: 

  • Influencing and championing evidence-based public health policies that reduce harm from alcohol and strive for the best possible services for those impacted by alcohol harm 
  • Driving cultural change at every level, eliminating shame and stigma associated with the complex issues of alcohol dependency. 
  • Holding the alcohol industry to account for their role in facilitating alcohol harm (included but not limited to marketing, labelling, pricing, availability, advertising etc.). 
  • Producing media campaigns that counteract the attractiveness of alcohol harm in an open manner backed up by sharing individuals’ own lived experiences. 
  • Developing a core membership of those with lived experience their allies and champions that will be the voice of support and co-create our strategic direction 

The missing voice, up to now, is being included in the narrative around alcohol harm  


New members who meet the agreed criteria (over 18 and with two years sobriety) can apply to join VoR by email after the launch date. Those who sign up do not have to sign publicly and can simply add their names privately to support the initiative and receive information about it. 


Allies of those in recovery and organisations who support can also pledge support by signing the charter.


Click here to sign up.