March, 2015

Drinks industry has no place in anti-alcohol campaigns

The Union of Students in Ireland knows the impact that Ireland’s relationship with alcohol has on the people living in this country – we’ve lost friends and colleagues in alcohol-related incidents. We’ve seen injuries and mishaps which wouldn’t have happened if we didn’t have a… Full Story»

December, 2014

Minimum pricing for drink as Varadkar targets booze issue

An attempt to tackle alcohol abuse will be made next month after Health Minister Leo Varadkar confirmed the draft of a minimum pricing for alcohol bill is to be published. From It comes after a report in America this week outlined that under-age drinkers… Full Story»

October, 2014

Be aware of the links between alcohol and cancer

Did you know that alcohol consumption is considered a risk factor for some types of cancer, and that limiting alcohol intake could reduce the risk?From The Irish Times Alcohol can increase the risk of cancer of the mouth, larynx (voicebox), throat, oesophagus (foodpipe), breast, liver… Full Story»

September, 2014

‘Don’t cut taxes on alcohol in budget’

The Government should resist pressure from the drinks industry to cut taxes on alcohol in the forthcoming budget, a campaign group has said. From the Irish Examiner And ministers could solve the financial hole left by a ban on alcohol sports sponsorship by placing a… Full Story»

August, 2014

Call for health warnings on bottles of alcohol

CIGARETTE-LIKE warnings should be made compulsory on alcohol packaging in order to inform the public of the dangers of excessive drinking, campaigners have said. From Politicians and awareness groups here are backing the idea that bottles of wine, beer and spirits should carry health… Full Story»

July, 2014

Health minister to take on drugs and alcohol policy

Health Minister Leo Varadkar will take up direct responsibility for the sensitive areas of drug and alcohol policy. From the Irish Examiner The decision followed days of confusion within the Department of Health as to who would take over the brief, following the departure of… Full Story»

July, 2014

‘Backlash not behind move’ to axe Arthur’s Day

Guinness bosses have axed Arthur’s Day — but insist the move has nothing to do with widespread criticism of the event. From the Irish Examiner Officials for drink’s maker Diageo confirmed the change yesterday, saying the September celebration introduced in 2009 will not be repeated… Full Story»