February, 2015

Alcohol’s evaporating health benefits

BMJ Editorial Mike Daube, professor of health policy m.daube@curtin.edu.au Industry lobbying and promotion are rife and unchecked by governments Given the harms attributed to alcohol use, it is not surprising that reports1 2 showing possible mortality benefits for low level users attracted enthusiasm among consumers,… Full Story»

February, 2015

Does alcohol-related activity on Facebook promote drinking?

The more a Facebook user gets involved in alcohol-related pages or posts – whether it’s a like, share or comment – the more likely that person is to consider drinking alcohol. From Michigan State University As part of a Michigan State University study, more than… Full Story»

February, 2015

Alcohol benefits might be too good to be true

Comforted by regular headlines that moderate drinking is good for your health and will prolong your life? From The Sydney Morning Herald A new study published in a leading medical journal suggests these claims are too good to be true. While high alcohol consumption has… Full Story»

December, 2014

Call for ban on alcohol advertising at sport events

he Government has been told to end alcohol sponsorship of sports clubs and ban any advertising of beer, wine and spirits during televised matches by a ministerial forum. From New Zealand Herald The forum, chaired by former rugby league coach and businessman Graham Lowe, concluded… Full Story»

November, 2014

Alcohol must be ‘top public health priority’

Alcohol is one of the world’s top priority public health areas and one of the main risk factors for non-communicable diseases. Even though only half the world’s population drinks alcohol, it is the world’s fifth leading cause of ill health and premature death. In western… Full Story»

November, 2014

Charities have duty to speak out on social policy

ALCOHOL lobbyists must be countered, says Evelyn Gillan From The Scotsman Charities have been in the political firing line again after George Osborne urged business leaders to speak out in favour of the free market to counter “an anti-free market movement led by trade unions… Full Story»

October, 2014

Alcohol calorie content: Labels needed, say doctors

Alcohol should have a calorie content label in order to reduce obesity, according to public health doctors. From BBC News The doctors warn a large glass of wine can contain around 200 calories – the same as a doughnut. Yet the Royal Society for Public… Full Story»