Irish adults binge drink more than adults in any other European country, with one quarter reporting that they binge drink every week

  • How much are we really drinking?
  • Over half of all Irish drinkers have a harmful pattern of drinking, that’s 4 in 10 women and 7 in 10 men who drink, which amounts to an estimated 1,453,250 adults
  • In 2013, the average Irish person aged 15+ drank 10.73 litres of pure alcohol
  • When we consider the fact that one in five adults in Ireland don’t drink alcohol, it means that those who do drink are consuming much more than the average consumption statistics show
  • If every adult aged 15+ in Ireland drank to the maximum low-risk weekly limit every week, average consumption for the year would be 9.2 litres
  • Average alcohol consumption in 2010 was 145% higher than the average amount consumed in 1960
  • Alcohol consumption in Ireland increased by 46% between 1987 (9.8 litres) and 2001 (14.3 litres) when our consumption reached a record high
  • Ireland continues to rank among the highest consumers of alcohol in the 26 countries in the enlarged EU.
  • From 1980 to 2010, average alcohol consumption in Europe decreased by an average of 15 per cent, while consumption in Ireland over that period increased by 24 per cent
  • Irish adults binge drink more than adults in any other European country, with 44 per cent of drinkers stating that they binge drink on a regular basis
  • The highest proportion of binge drinkers is in the 18-29 age group. Young people are also more likely to exceed the weekly low-risk limit for alcohol consumption

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