Minimum pricing would have a number of benefits as a measure to reduce alcohol-related harm in Ireland:

  • It will save lives
  • There will be a reduction in alcohol harm for both the person drinking in a high-risk manner and those around them
  • It will reduce alcohol-related hospital admissions
  • It will reduce alcohol-related crime
  • There will be a decrease in workplace absences due to alcohol
  • There will be a reduction in the costs of alcohol harm to the State and taxpayer
  • Those who drink within low risk limits are least likely to be affected in terms of spending and consumption, regardless of income levels
  • It will not affect the price of drink in pubs, clubs and restaurants
  • Larger retailers will not be able to simply absorb price increases, as can happen with other pricing policies (e.g. excise duty)
  • It will not affect alcohol exports or lead to job losses
  • It will not affect tourism
  • It will not significantly impact rates of cross-border shopping; Northern Ireland policy indicates an intention to introduce MUP after a public consultation on the matter.

To read about minimum pricing – and its potential benefits in Ireland – in more detail please see this report, commissioned by the Department of Health from the the Sheffield Alcohol Research Group (SARG) at the University of Sheffield.


Minimum Unit Pricing on Alcohol – what is it and what will it mean for me?

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