Tue 13 Jul

Thousands of our citizens abandoned to a life captured by alcohol.

Alcohol Action Ireland, the national independent advocate for reducing alcohol harm, today (Tuesday, 13 July) notes the publication of the Health Research Board’s Bulletin Reporting of the 2014 – 2020 Alcohol Treatment Data.   This data highlights yet again the...

Mon 05 Jul

Findings of the Irish National Drug & Alcohol Survey: would we ‘rather hide away the ugly reality’?

  This week saw the publication of the 2019-20 Irish National Drug and Alcohol Survey by the Health Research Board.  The survey collections information on alcohol and tobacco consumption and drug use among the general population in Ireland. The 2019–20 NDAS collected information...

Thu 01 Jul

Alcohol is Ireland’s biggest drug problem

Alcohol Action Ireland, the national independent advocate for reducing alcohol harm, today (Thursday, 1 July) notes the publication of the 2019-20 Irish National Drug and Alcohol Survey by the Health Research Board.               The...

National Cancer Strategy Submission

Alcohol Action Ireland's submission on a National Cancer Strategy. Alcohol consumption can cause cancer of the mouth, pharynx, larynx, oesophagus, liver, bowel and female breast. Research conducted by the National Cancer Control Programme in 2013 found that alcohol is associated with approximately 900 new cancer cases per year and 500 cancer deaths.

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National Maternity Strategy Submission

Alcohol Action Ireland's submission on a National Maternity Strategy, which focuses on the risks of alcohol consumption during pregnancy.

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Conference Programme

Girls, Women and Alcohol: The changing nature of female alcohol consumption in Ireland

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RCPI Policy Group on Alcohol: Reducing Alcohol Health Harm

In response to the increasing levels of alcohol-related harm observed in recent years in Ireland, the Royal College of Physicians of Ireland (RCPI) established a Policy Group on Alcohol in 2012. The first statement from the Policy Group was issued in April 2013 and it makes a number of key recommendations for reducing alcohol health harm in Ireland, many of which echo those contained in the Steering Group Report on the National Substance MIsuse Strategy (February 2012).

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Scottish Government Briefing on Minimum Pricing

The Scottish government has released a paper setting out the case for Minimum Unit Pricing (MUP) in response to the European Commission and other European countries that have questioned the compatibility of MUP with EU Law and the free movement of goods.

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Report on the impact of European alcohol marketing exposure on youth alcohol expectancies and youth drinking

In order to study the impact of alcohol marketing exposure, two studies have been conducted: one study on online alcohol marketing and a second study on alcohol-branded sport sponsorship. The findings suggest that exposure to online alcohol marketing is associated with subsequent drinking over time and that exposure to alcohol-branded sport sponsorship is associated with recent drinking over time. Both were seen to be serious but avoidable dangers to adolescents’ health.

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