Fri 27 Mar

There is little comfort in alcohol; foster healthy coping tools that will last long beyond COVID-19

There is little comfort in alcohol; foster healthy coping tools that will last long beyond COVID-19    Alcohol Action Ireland today (27 March) has published a set of advice guidelines to help people understand the risk of turning to alcohol...

Tue 24 Mar

Industry’s capture of political leadership: how can advocacy for alcohol control breakthrough?

This paper was first presented at the Sixth Global Alcohol Policy Conference in Dublin, Ireland. March 9-11, 2020 by Eunan McKinney, Head Communications and Advocacy, Alcohol Action Ireland.   Abstract Nation-states grapple with developing and implementing effective alcohol control policies....

Fri 20 Mar

Mental Health Ireland shares Five Actions for Wellbeing during Tough Times

Our colleagues at Mental Health Ireland have shared five simple actions we can all take to protect our mental health and maintain positive wellbeing during uncertain and challenging times. The CEO of Mental Health Ireland, Martin Rogan, says, “By now,...

Global Burden of DIsease - Ireland Profile

Global Burden of Disease (GBD) country profiles provide customized reports that summarize changes in countries’ health between 1990 and 2010. First, the profiles highlight declines in mortality across different age groups and sexes. Second, these reports show separately the leading diseases and injuries that cause people to die prematurely and become disabled. Third, the top diseases and injuries are ranked using a combined metric of premature death and disability, the disability-adjusted life year (DALYs). Fourth, the main risk factors attributable to different diseases and injuries are shown. Finally, “benchmarking” tables and figures compare a country’s health progress to that of its peers, called “comparator countries.”

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The Burden of Liver Disease in Europe

The past 30 years have witnessed major progress in the knowledge and management of liver disease, yet approximately 29 million people in the European Union still suffer from a chronic liver condition. This report reviews 260 epidemiological studies published in the last five years to survey the current state of evidence on the burden of liver disease in Europe and its causes.

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Alcohol Marketing - Getting The Facts

Alcohol Action Ireland's latest fact sheet, Alcohol Marketing: Getting The Facts, answers the key questions surrounding alcohol marketing, including its aim, how it works, the impact it has and what would make a difference in terms of regulation.

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