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HRB Overview Series: Alcohol in Ireland.

Health Research Board: “In order for it to have a real impact, the Public Health (Alcohol) Act needs to be implemented in full as soon as possible.”       The Health Research Board’s latest report on alcohol consumption and harm, Alcohol consumption, alcohol-related harm and alcohol policy in Ireland, starkly outlines how the continuing high level of alcohol consumption in Ireland is affecting the nation’s health and well-being. Despite having laws on our statute books aimed at curbing high... Full Story

Alcohol Action welcomes government decision to commence minimum pricing for alcohol products

Alcohol Action Ireland, the national independent advocate for reducing alcohol harm, welcomes the government decision today (Tues 4th May) to commence Section 11 of the Public Health (Alcohol) Act, 2018. The commencement of minimum unit pricing as a public health measure will make a significant contribution to the public policy objective of reducing alcohol harm in Ireland and lowering alcohol use to a 2013 target of 9.1 litres per capita. Minister Donnelly and Minister of State Feighan are to be commended... Full Story

MUP – the greater public good far outweighs continued protection of private commercial interest.

Alcohol Action Ireland, the national independent advocate for reducing alcohol harm, today (Wednesday 28th April) notes the comment from Retail Ireland (IBEC) on the likely commencement by government of Section 11 of the Public Health Alcohol Act - minimum unit pricing for alcohol products. For more than a decade, IBEC – its leadership and its various sectoral representative fronts has opposed every single step by the state to implement meaningful control and regulation on alcohol whether it is price measures,... Full Story

Supporting children and families in Ireland

Alcohol Action Ireland has in recent weeks responded to national consultations relating to the lives of children and families. Although we do not provide services, as the national advocate for reducing alcohol harm, we believe that given the hugely troubling effects of alcohol on family life, there is much to be said about what kind of services are offered to children and families who need support, and how they are monitored and evaluated. As so well demonstrated by the recently... Full Story

Introduction of Minimum Unit Pricing will reduce harm and save lives

Alcohol Action Ireland, the national independent advocate for reducing alcohol harm, today (Sunday 25th April) notes a media report (Sunday Independent) that the government is to introduce minimum unit pricing (MUP) on alcohol products. This measure is an important measure within the Public Health Alcohol Act, which was enacted over 900 days ago by the Oireachtas. The wide availability of cheap, strong alcohol products across Ireland’s supermarkets, convenience stores and corner shops is a major factor in the continued harmful... Full Story

HRB Alcohol report highlights the urgent need for Minimum unit pricing

Alcohol Action Ireland, the national independent advocate for reducing alcohol harm, today (Thursday 15th April) notes the publication by the Health Research Board of its ‘HRB Overview, Series 11: Alcohol consumption, alcohol-related harm and alcohol policy in Ireland’. This publication provides a clear and timely view of Ireland’s continuing troubled engagement with alcohol use, the scale of the harm endured and the immeasurable cost to our economy and society of lost creativity, enterprise and human potential. For over 12 years... Full Story

Alcohol Action welcome government intention to commence minimum pricing of alcohol products

Alcohol Action, the national independent advocate for reducing alcohol harm, today (Monday 15th March) supports the Minister of State, Frank Feighan’s intervention to break the logjam on implementing minimum pricing for alcohol products (MUP), as reported on   For some time it has become apparent that Ireland could no longer wait on simultaneous action on MUP from Northern Ireland. Now Ireland’s progress towards implementing MUP, coupled with MUP operational in Scotland and Wales’ will hopefully be a catalyst to... Full Story

Alcohol consumption data for 2020 very disappointing

Alcohol Action Ireland, the national independent advocate for reducing alcohol harm, has today (Wednesday, 10 March), expressed its disappointment on the data released by Revenue: provisional alcohol clearances and receipts 2020.   This data indicates that Ireland’s alcohol consumption during the national COVID pandemic crisis, when most licenced premises were closed, has fallen by a little over 6% to 10.07 litres per capita. This is a reduction on the 2019 alcohol consumption figure of 10.78 litres per capita. Net Alcohol... Full Story

Alcohol education in our schools cannot be out-sourced to an alcohol industry funded organisation. 

Joint statement from Alcohol Action Ireland | Alcohol Forum   In Ireland, while we continue to advocate for crucial legislative measures to reduce alcohol use and children’s exposure to alcohol marketing to be implemented, we are concerned that our schools-based alcohol education has become the target ground for the corporate interests of industry players. Across our education system there is a creeping acceptance of a corporate curriculum that facilitates commercial interests to develop and distribute curricular materials. This practice, evident... Full Story

Are women getting the health risk message around alcohol use? #ChooseToChallenge

This International Women’s Day, we ask, are women getting the public health messages they need around alcohol, or is the industry noise all they can hear?     It’s a day to celebrate the social, economic and political achievements of women, but increasingly International Women’s Day has become a space captured by commercial interests seeking to sell a message.    It’s no surprise then, that the global alcohol industry has for years been using the occasion as yet another opportunity to sell an... Full Story

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Alcohol Action Ireland Annual Accounts

Alcohol Action Ireland
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Submission to TRIS Notification 2018/22/IRL

This is Alcohol Action Ireland's submission to the EU Commission's TRIS notification process: 2018/22/IRL, commenced to examine aspects of the Public Health (Alcohol) Bill, 2015.

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