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Alcohol Action Ireland release its annual Alcohol Market Review and Price Survey 2019

Alcohol Action Ireland release its annual Alcohol Market Review and Price Survey 2019 Alcohol so cheap - Irish Men can drink weekly low-risk guideline limit for as little as €7.48; women €4.84. Highly sophisticated pricing model ensures alcohol affordability is universal throughout urban, regional or rural Ireland. Introduction of Minimum Unit pricing must now be prioritised Ireland’s Off-Licence holders share an estimated €3.8 billion bonanza market   Alcohol Action Ireland today (1st August) published its annual off-trade alcohol market review... Full Story

Alcohol Action note progress on health warnings and information to be placed on alcohol products and advertising

Alcohol Action Ireland note with interest the Department of Health’s invitation, as published today (National Newspapers, 25 July), to interested parties an opportunity to submit expert research on the effectiveness of health warnings and information on the labels of alcohol products and in advertisement for alcohol products. While it is disappointing that this step has only begun now, we are satisfied that the Minister for Health and his officials are focused on progressing the measures passed by the Oireachtas last... Full Story

Alcohol Action Ireland notes government moves to commence minimum unit pricing of alcohol products.

Alcohol Action Ireland today (Monday 1 July) noted the development, as reported yesterday (Sunday, 30 June), that government now intends to press ahead with implementation of minimum unit pricing for all alcohol products sold within the state. Minimum unit pricing is a central pillar of the important initiatives set out in the Public Health Alcohol Act, which came into law in October 2018. The important measures within the Act seek to improve public health outcomes and curb persistent high levels... Full Story

Alcohol Action Ireland calls on all Leaving Cert students to carefully plan any post Leaving holidays abroad

Alcohol Action Ireland today (25th June) called on any Irish student planning a post-exam holiday to think carefully about their trip. Increasingly post-exam holidays abroad have become the pattern for many young students after their heavy schedule is concluded. Frequently many travel on packages specially prepared for students with Spain, especially the Balearic Islands’ destinations, Greece and Cyprus all featuring as choice destinations. Last year many young Irish holidaymakers very quickly fell victim of excessive alcohol consumption and tragically some... Full Story

Alcohol Action Ireland welcomes Scottish monitoring report on alcohol sales

Alcohol Action Ireland today, Wednesday 19 June, welcomed the release of the Scottish monitoring report on alcohol data. The report, from NHS Scotland, is the first to be published since the introduction of Minimum Unit Pricing (MUP) for alcohol in Scotland in May 2018. In 2018, 9.9 litres per capita of pure alcohol were sold in Scotland – the lowest level seen since the monitoring process began. Since 2010, the volume of pure alcohol sold per adult through supermarkets and... Full Story

Alcohol Action Ireland applauds the contribution of the BBC and Adrian Chiles to highlight government inaction on alcohol policy.

Alcohol Action Ireland today, Tuesday 11 June, welcomed the contribution from the BBC Panorama programme to the ongoing debate about public health alcohol policy actions.   The programme, broadcast on Monday, 10 June, and presented by broadcaster, Adrian Chiles, identified the lack of commitment from the UK government to establish statutory regulations on health information on alcohol products.   The programme also featured Professor Nick Sheron, Head of Population Hepatology Research Group within Medicine at the University of Southampton, who... Full Story

Spirits industry afraid of their own ingredients?

The public health community is greatly disappointed about the SpiritsEurope approach[1] to label their products. In our view, the European spirits industry refrains from informing consumers at the point of sale in an easy and accessible manner. Instead of following the EU Regulation 1169/2011 on the provision of food information to consumers, the spirits industry is granted a non-binding self-regulatory approach providing information about energy on label and information on ingredients and nutritional value online on the website or... Full Story

What is the Public Health (Alcohol) Act?

The Public Health (Alcohol) Act is legislative framework designed to tackle Ireland's harmful relationship with alcohol. It aims to reduce the damage that alcohol causes to individuals, families and society by reducing our alcohol consumption, with a particular focus on protecting children and young people from alcohol harm. This legislation is part of a range of measures planned under the Healthy Ireland framework, which will work together to improve our health and wellbeing, both as individuals and as a nation.... Full Story

Alcohol Action Ireland and Mental Health Ireland are recruiting a Policy Research Officer

Alcohol Action Ireland and Mental Health Ireland are recruiting a Policy Research Officer to work in the area of policy development on issues around alcohol harm and mental health. Background Alcohol Action Ireland (AAI) advocates for the prevention of alcohol-related harm and protection from the effects of that harm to individuals, families and communities. Like the World Health Organisation, Alcohol Action Ireland recognises that while drinking is a matter of personal responsibility, it has the potential to cause significant harm... Full Story

Alcohol Action Ireland highly concerned by teenage drinking

Alcohol Action Ireland today (Thurs 16 May) note the release of the survey data from the Western Regional Drug and Alcohol Task Force of 15-16 year olds in Galway, Mayo and Roscommon. The extensive lifestyle survey, which was conducted by the Icelandic group Planet Youth, reveals worrying aspects of teenage alcohol use including: 77% of respondents have drunk alcohol in their lifetime. 46% report being drunk in their lifetime. 30% had tried alcohol by 13 26% report being drunk in... Full Story

Latest Reports

Cancer Prevention Factsheet

A factsheet from the National Cancer Control Programme on alcohol and cancer.

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Alcohol - The Irish Situation

An updated (November 2016) fact sheet on alcohol in Ireland from the Health Research Board.

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Diageo's 'Stop Out of Control Drinking' Campaign in Ireland: An Analysis

It has been argued that the alcohol industry uses corporate social responsibility activities to influence policy and undermine public health, and that every opportunity should be taken to scrutinise such activities. This study analyses a controversial Diageo-funded ‘responsible drinking’ campaign (“Stop out of Control Drinking”, or SOOCD) in Ireland. The study aims to identify how the campaign and its advisory board members frame and define (i) alcohol-related harms, and their causes, and (ii) possible solutions.

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