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New data shows that more than half of fire fatalities alcohol-related

Alcohol Action Ireland today welcomes new research from the Health Research Board (HRB) examining the circumstances around fire-related deaths between 2014 and 2016. The study found that there were 106 fire-related fatalities recorded in inquests. Alcohol features prominently with alcohol present on toxicology for 54 (51%) fatalities. Almost two thirds (64%) of those who were drinking had a blood alcohol concentration of more than three times the legal driving limit.  The HRB report is the first time that data in relation... Full Story

Alcohol Action Ireland and Mental Health Ireland are teaming up to tackle the harmful effects of alcohol on our mental health.

Alcohol Action Ireland and Mental Health Ireland are teaming up to tackle the harmful effects of alcohol on our mental health.   Recognising the connection between alcohol use and mental health, Alcohol Action Ireland and Mental Health Ireland have established a working partnership to develop policy that will target the damaging impact of alcohol on our mental health. Martin Rogan, CEO of Mental Health Ireland said, “This partnership recognises the considerable co-morbidity between alcohol harm and mental health challenges. “The... Full Story

Budget 2020: Alcohol Action Ireland regrets the extension of excise reliefs for microbreweries.

Budget 2020: Alcohol Action Ireland welcomes retention of rates on alcohol products excise duty; regrets the extension of excise reliefs for microbreweries.   Alcohol Action Ireland today (Tuesday 8th October) welcomed the decision by Mr Paschal Donohue TD, Minister for Finance, to retain the current rates of excise duty on alcohol products in Budget 2020. This is the 7th year in a row that excise duty has remained untouched in Budget considerations. As result, in real terms, and mindful of... Full Story

Alcohol Action Ireland encouraged by the latest findings from Scotland on the introduction of minimum pricing of alcohol products

Alcohol Action Ireland today (26th September) welcomed the findings published in the British Medical Journal that showed significant reductions in alcohol purchases since the introduction of minimum unit pricing (MUP) of alcohol products in Scotland.             The research examined the impact of the MUP policy on the amount and price of alcohol purchased in Scotland in the 34-week period immediately after implementation in May 2018. The observed reductions of up to 7.6% in alcohol purchases... Full Story

EU approval sought for commencement of Section 23 of Public Health Alcohol Act

Alcohol Action Ireland welcomes the move by the Minister for Health’s step to seek the approval of the EU Commission to regulate alcohol promotions.   This is a small, but significant step in reinforcing the principle that alcohol is not an ordinary commodity. These measures, when approved, and commenced (1st September 2020), will have an impact on off-trade sales ensuring that promotions of alcohol will be restricted, such as: two for one type offers, while more widely ensuring that the... Full Story

Alcohol Action Ireland publishes 2020 Pre-Budget submission

Alcohol sales levy could transform prevention and treatment activities. Main highlights demand: No reductions on alcohol excise duties and fix current rates to cost-of-living index Begin the process of reducing persistent subsidy to the alcohol industry Establish social responsible fund from levies on off-trade alcohol sales to: Establish an Annual ‘Youth Recreational Activities’ allowance. Invest in primary care psychology services Allow residential treatment health expenses qualify for tax relief at the higher 40% rate. Commence Minimum Unit Pricing immediately. Today... Full Story

An Open Letter: What is the relationship between Sport Ireland and Diageo? Liberty Fields campaign.

Mr. Kieran Mulvey, Chairman, Sport Ireland. Dear Mr Mulvey I am writing to you in relation to the recently launched Diageo campaign ‘Liberty Fields’ which is being promoted by the Guinness brand to highlight the determination of pioneering women to overcome great adversity to advance their participation in rugby. The endeavour of any campaign to advance women’s equal participation in sport is very important. In this respect, Sport Ireland efforts to encourage equal participation and advancement of women in sport... Full Story

Alcohol Action Ireland release its annual Alcohol Market Review and Price Survey 2019

Alcohol Action Ireland release its annual Alcohol Market Review and Price Survey 2019 Alcohol so cheap - Irish Men can drink weekly low-risk guideline limit for as little as €7.48; women €4.84. Highly sophisticated pricing model ensures alcohol affordability is universal throughout urban, regional or rural Ireland. Introduction of Minimum Unit pricing must now be prioritised Ireland’s Off-Licence holders share an estimated €3.8 billion bonanza market   Alcohol Action Ireland today (1st August) published its annual off-trade alcohol market review... Full Story

Alcohol Action note progress on health warnings and information to be placed on alcohol products and advertising

Alcohol Action Ireland note with interest the Department of Health’s invitation, as published today (National Newspapers, 25 July), to interested parties an opportunity to submit expert research on the effectiveness of health warnings and information on the labels of alcohol products and in advertisement for alcohol products. While it is disappointing that this step has only begun now, we are satisfied that the Minister for Health and his officials are focused on progressing the measures passed by the Oireachtas last... Full Story

Alcohol Action Ireland notes government moves to commence minimum unit pricing of alcohol products.

Alcohol Action Ireland today (Monday 1 July) noted the development, as reported yesterday (Sunday, 30 June), that government now intends to press ahead with implementation of minimum unit pricing for all alcohol products sold within the state. Minimum unit pricing is a central pillar of the important initiatives set out in the Public Health Alcohol Act, which came into law in October 2018. The important measures within the Act seek to improve public health outcomes and curb persistent high levels... Full Story

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Alcohol Action Ireland Annual Accounts

Alcohol Action Ireland
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Alcohol Action Ireland Annual Accounts 2017

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Submission to TRIS Notification 2018/22/IRL

This is Alcohol Action Ireland's submission to the EU Commission's TRIS notification process: 2018/22/IRL, commenced to examine aspects of the Public Health (Alcohol) Bill, 2015.

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