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European-wide brief rapid response survey to study experiences and drinking behaviour during COVID19 crisis

Collaborating with the Technische Universität Dresden (TUD, Germany) and the Hospital Clínic de Barcelona (FCRB, Spain), along with the support of a number of public health and research institutes in Europe, Alcohol Action Ireland are launching a European-wide brief rapid response survey, aimed at the general population, to study personal experiences and drinking behaviour (and abstention) during the current pandemic of SARSCoV-2 (i.e., coronavirus or COVID-19).   Alcohol Action Ireland are helping to disseminate the survey in Ireland and are seeking your... Full Story

Remembering Norah Gibbons

Alcohol Action Ireland are deeply saddened to learn, today (9th April) of the passing of our former colleague and friend, Norah Gibbons. Norah made a vital contribution to the development of our organisation over the course of many years, serving both as a Director and our Chair between 2005 and 2013. Her outstanding contribution to Irish public life, her passion to tackle inequality and her commitment to improving the lives of so many will be long remembered.  

There is little comfort in alcohol; foster healthy coping tools that will last long beyond COVID-19

There is little comfort in alcohol; foster healthy coping tools that will last long beyond COVID-19    Alcohol Action Ireland today (27 March) has published a set of advice guidelines to help people understand the risk of turning to alcohol in these difficult times. This advice, developed with Mental Health Ireland, comes at a time when the alcohol off-trade business is reporting exceptional sales as people look to stock-up with excessive amounts of alcohol at home. The current public health... Full Story

Industry’s capture of political leadership: how can advocacy for alcohol control breakthrough?

This paper was first presented at the Sixth Global Alcohol Policy Conference in Dublin, Ireland. March 9-11, 2020 by Eunan McKinney, Head Communications and Advocacy, Alcohol Action Ireland.   Abstract Nation-states grapple with developing and implementing effective alcohol control policies. A coherent global action to reduce alcohol related harms has been led by the WHO and signposted within its 2010 strategy. It proposed options over 10 action areas to reduce harms and promote better health and wellbeing. In Europe, where... Full Story

Mental Health Ireland shares Five Actions for Wellbeing during Tough Times

Our colleagues at Mental Health Ireland have shared five simple actions we can all take to protect our mental health and maintain positive wellbeing during uncertain and challenging times. The CEO of Mental Health Ireland, Martin Rogan, says, “By now, we are all learning to adjust to the new ‘normal’ of remote working, social distancing and evolving updates on Covid-19 becoming part of our everyday lives.” “This can understandably cause a lot of concern and stress, and can impact on... Full Story

2019 data on alcohol consumption indicative of a small but encouraging reduction

Alcohol Action Ireland today (Wed, 18 March) note the data released by Revenue: provisional alcohol clearances and receipts 2019. This data indicates that Ireland’s alcohol consumption remains high at 10.78 litres per capita. Alcohol receipts for the year ended show a 0.05% decline, however when an estimated population data for 2019 is applied (CSO: population >15 years old – 3,912.6m) the figures for consumption, as a per capita, stand at 10.78 litres, indicative of a small but encouraging reduction –... Full Story

GAPC2020 Opening Address by AAI Chair, Carol Fawsitt

    As human beings, with our species still evolving, today we know more than ever before about what impacts our development and behaviours i.e. what we should be doing as parents, and the food and drink we need to consume in order to protect our bodies and our health. Our knowledge is growing yet we continue to make mistakes and ignore informative data and evidence-based research about the harms caused by alcohol. I want this gathering to focus on two matters when deliberating over the course of the next few... Full Story

New government must make implementation of life-saving legislation a priority

New government must make implementation of life-saving legislation a priority, says Mental Health Ireland & Alcohol Action Ireland, as global conference convenes in Dublin   In Ireland, the most recent Global Burden of Disease data (2016) indicates that annually 2,790 deaths are alcohol related; that is nearly 8 deaths every single day. Ireland’s progressive public health law reform measures to tackle alcohol harm in this country must be implemented without delay by the new government, two leading NGOs have said.... Full Story

AAI applauds the Welsh Government’s implementation of Minimum Unit Pricing for alcohol products.

Alcohol Action Ireland applauds the progressive step taken by the Welsh Government today (2nd March) in commencing Minimum Unit Pricing (MUP) for all alcohol products. This step follows that of the Scottish Government, who also introduced MUP as a public health measure back in May 2018, after a lengthy, legal wrangle with the alcohol industry. Wales has introduced the measure to combat the 60,000 alcohol related admissions to its hospitals every year, and the £159 million cost to the NHS,... Full Story

Alcohol Action publish overview of political parties’ Election 2020 commitments to tackle alcohol harms

Five main parties renew their commitment to the full implementation of the Public Health (Alcohol) Act including Minimum Unit Pricing. Six parties outline commitment to other initiatives with public health alcohol policy. Alcohol Action today (Monday, 2nd Feb) published an overview of the central commitments within the manifestos of the political parties running candidates in the forthcoming election.        ... Full Story

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Submission to TRIS Notification 2018/22/IRL

This is Alcohol Action Ireland's submission to the EU Commission's TRIS notification process: 2018/22/IRL, commenced to examine aspects of the Public Health (Alcohol) Bill, 2015.

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