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Alcohol Action Ireland publish key demands for Election 2020

Alcohol Action Ireland today (Thursday 23 Jan) launched its Election 2020 manifesto calling for a new government to advance the measures within the Public Health Alcohol Act and to prioritise a set of strategic actions to address the enormous social and economic cost of alcohol related harms to Irish society. Over the last decade, Ireland has made no progress in reducing our overall consumption, as we still drink 11 litres of pure alcohol per capita per year; over 60,000 children... Full Story

Agreement to restore Northern Ireland Executive provides new opportunity for the implementation of Minimum Unit Pricing for alcohol products.

Agreement to restore Northern Ireland Executive provides new opportunity for the implementation of Minimum Unit Pricing for alcohol products. A new Strategic Plan on Alcohol features within ‘Priorities of the Restored Executive’ for Northern Ireland   Alcohol Action Ireland welcome the publication overnight of the two governments ‘New Decade, New Approach’ - a draft agreement which they state ‘represents a fair and balanced basis’ upon which to restore the institutions within Northern Ireland.  Crucially, Part One of the ‘Priorities of the... Full Story

Health Behaviour in School Aged Children Study 2018 highlights the appalling reach of alcohol into our children’s lives

Alcohol Action Ireland (AAI) welcomes the publication of the Health Behaviour in School Aged Children Study (HBSC) 2018 today (Thursday 9 Jan), which provides a very valuable insight into the number of children who, all too early, initiate their experience with alcohol. AAI are pleased to see that there has been a modest increase in the number of school aged children who have never drank alcohol, across all social classes.   Deeper analysis of the data on children who have... Full Story

A ‘lost decade’ closes as Ireland continues to drink as much today as it did a decade ago

As a new decade dawned in 2010, Ireland’s drinking population was working its way through 11 litres of pure alcohol per capita – this corresponds to 46 bottles of Gin or close on 500 pints for everyone in the audience. Back then, as a society, and with an agreed political consensus, we had begun to examine how we could establish meaningful alcohol controls to curb the demand and supply of alcohol and recalibrate our hazardous relationship with alcohol. Eight years... Full Story

Implementing Minimum Unit Pricing – the best present Leo could give us all this Christmas

Implementing Minimum Unit Pricing - the best present Leo could give us all this Christmas   Alcohol Action Ireland today (Thursday 12 December) called on An Taoiseach, Leo Varadkar, to deliver on the legislation passed over 400 days ago. By implementing the Minimum Unit Pricing of alcohol products the Taoiseach and the Minister of Health, Simon Harris would go some way to ensuring that some families will have their love ones this time next Christmas. In Ireland, over 7 people, according to the Global Disease Burden... Full Story

Alcohol Action Ireland responses to EU scrutiny of draft regulations

Alcohol Action Ireland today published (4 December) its submission to the EU TRIS notification process which is examining the draft regulations from the Department of Health to implement Section 23 (Sale and Supply of Alcohol Products) of the Public Health Alcohol Act 2018. In a supporting submission, Alcohol Action Ireland outlined that the draft regulations were an opportunity to make a 'small but significant step by the Irish authorities to re-establish some level of public order to what has become... Full Story

Aware Lecture: Growing up with parental alcohol misuse: the impact on mental health and things that can help

Silent Voices – an Alcohol Action Ireland initiative to end the silence of the impact of parental alcohol misuse in Ireland is organising a lecture as part of the Aware public lecture series on:   11 Dec 2019, 7.30pm Lecture Theatre, Swift Centre, St Patrick's Hospital, James' St, Dublin 8   Barbara Whelan (Co-Founder of Silent Voices) and Dr Katie Baird (Chartered Psychologist, Psychological Society of Ireland) Growing up with parental alcohol misuse: the impact on mental health and things... Full Story

Alcohol Action proud to be selected for EU Protects campaign

We are delighted to have been selected to feature in the most recent EU Protects campaign created by the European Commission. It provides information on how Europe contributes to the protection of its citizens from the diverse global risks and challenges that we face today; challenges to our borders and our health, our environment and our homes, our families and our neighbours. In 2016, with the assistance of a small National Lottery award, Alcohol Action Ireland were afforded the opportunity... Full Story

My World Survey 2 results highlights the concerning enrolment of our children to Ireland’s harmful drinkers.

Alcohol Action Ireland today (19 November) note the results of the ‘My World Survey 2’ - The National Study of Youth Mental Health in Ireland, published by Jigsaw/UCD.   The results demonstrate the harmful impact of alcohol in young lives and reinforces the fact that there is no safe limit for children to consume alcohol. Analyses revealed a clear link between harmful and hazardous levels of alcohol behaviour and psychological distress.   The research examined alcohol behaviour amongst adolescents and... Full Story

Alcohol Action Ireland marked the introduction of the first measures from the Public Health (Alcohol) Act by hosting a Public Health symposium

The event held at Dublin’s Mansion House was organised to highlight the strategies and approaches used by dominant vested interests across Europe who market unhealthy commodities such as alcohol, processed food and drink, and tobacco and exert influence to impede policy barriers and deflect attention from an ever-rising pandemic of non-communicable diseases and increasing health inequalities. Over the last ten years in Ireland, Alcohol Action Ireland has been to the fore in advancing the need for public policy to address... Full Story

Latest Reports

Alcohol Action Ireland Annual Accounts

Alcohol Action Ireland
Report and Financial Statements for the year ended
31 December 2018

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Alcohol Action Ireland Annual Accounts 2017

Audited accounts for the ending 31 December 2017

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Submission to TRIS Notification 2018/22/IRL

This is Alcohol Action Ireland's submission to the EU Commission's TRIS notification process: 2018/22/IRL, commenced to examine aspects of the Public Health (Alcohol) Bill, 2015.

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